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Well I did it

Yup.  I got my license.  Despite coughing/hacking and sneezing the whole time through it.  Only got 15 points docked off too (Had a max of 45 to be docked.)  10 for taking a right too wide and 5 for going too slow.  Heck it’s March break,  kids were out and playing, you know kids can be stupid so I was going 10mph because of the dumb kids.  Oh well…I knew I was doing right for my driving ability.

I wasn’t going to go through with it.  Why?  Because a few days before I put my car into the ditch.  You got that right.  IN…THE..DITCH.  I was out practice driving with my husband.  We went too far up a country road for his liking so he wanted me to turn around.  I pulled into this farmer’s driveway and started to back out, you know do the whole Uturn…well I was too far to the right,  was like 2 inches from his mail box, but still OK right?  Well as I started to give it to make the turn,  the mud under the front end gave out and we fell into the ditch.  Rear of the car was on the shoulder,  the nose was in the ditch, and 3 wheels were in the air.  Luckily the farmer was home and towed us out.  My instructor who saw it yesterday said that I would have made it if the ground were more solid.  oh well.

So tonight I’m going to be making pork Katsu.

Yeah I make some wicked Japanese food, so I will blog/photograph the whole thing as I make it.  I just thought I would let you all know that I’m actually driving now.

In sickness…and well sickness

Sorry everyone.  Family has been sick lately.

first it was my son.
Then it was my husband.
Now both my daughter and myself got hit by it.  So needless to say,  all that has been cooking here has been chicken noodle soup…

My husband downed the home made stuff when he was sick,  so now it’s just the Lipton and canned stuff for my daughter and me.

I’ll get back to doing recipes soon, no worries.

there we go

A solution that works for everyone.  I made a free webstore, so I can hawk my dropship stuff,  (Link will also be placed in the sidebar) and I’ll still blog my recipes.

You see,  I’m just trying to contribute to the household income since times are hard, and I don’t have a PAYING job yet.  (Stay at home mom is a pretty demanding and harsh job but it doesn’t pay very well…) So yeah,  forgive the whole crap post below.  Just trying to help out my husband while I work the resume.

So this is the link to my store.  Yes, things in there are a little pricey right now,  I’m doing the whole “Vintage Automotive Collectible” thing and I guess those things are pretty hefty, but hey…if people like em enough they’ll probably buy em.  I haven’t seen any of that stuff in stores so *shrug*.  Of course I live in Canada so I dunno.

I’ll get back to blogging recipes tomorrow or Tuesday.  This coming week will be nothing but Turkey I’m guessing, since it’s on sale for $1.49/lb and a decent sized bird can feed us for a week.  (Yeah I told ya times were tough…but it is everywhere I guess)

I’m thinking that I might just invest the money I make (well some of it…the rest is gonna go to the family bank account)  Like since I’ll probably only be bringing in around $400/month after taxes, I’m thinking I set $100 of that aside to put into some sort of investment thing.  Gotta talk to my RBC financial advisor to see what I can swing on a $100/month investment contribution.


Replies to the advice to "Rant"

@Chris  LOL  Unfortunately I live in Canada and Aston Martins are extremely difficult to find, (let alone maintain,  the whole parts/garages that are liscensed to work on them ect) especially in lefty version which is how I learned to drive (you know, being Canada and all)  Trust me I would LOOOOOOVE an AM, unfortunately 1: We couldn’t afford one on his pay right now (even if I got a job too  no way we could afford it) and 2: It’s out of my Caste.  See, my husband is an Non Commissioned member of the Canadian forces.  Aston Martins are most definitely officers cars.  Most of the male officers wouldn’t give a crap and give my husband props for having one,  but the wives.  Oh god…I would never hear the end of it from the officers wives and neither would their husbands.  (My husband routinely works along side of pilots and navigators so it would be an issue)

Fortunately, everyone, I’m slowly weaning him off the idea of a pickup truck and into the possibility of an SUV.   I used the whole “You know,  I went into this driving thing screaming and kicking.  Since I don’t really want to do it anyway, I would really like to have a vehicle I ENJOY driving.  If I won’t ENJOY driving the vehicle I won’t even bother with it unless I absolutely have to and keep walking everywhere.  Of course I’m still pretty leary about getting an SUV because just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean I should HAVE to drive a “mom car” like a minivan or a SUV.

I like my cars to have guts, I like them to have a decent amount of BHP and Torque.  They also need to be able to deal with winter and of course…the absolutely “lovely” Nova Scotia roads in the summer (@Halliguy you know what I’m talking  about right? lol)

Pic related.  This is the car that spoiled me.  Sure there’s a bunch of “lolford/mercury” but it’s a pretty fun car to drive.

 Of course I still want a CAR…and if I could find another 1999-2002 Ford/Mercury Cougar I would be jumping all over that like ..well you can come up with a suitable metaphor.  So I’m watching the Auto Trader diligently.

Well I gotta go get my house clean.  Thanks for the advice all!  Husband is coming back from his survival course tonight so this will probably be the only blog you’ll see till well Friday I’m guessing.


Yeah…feel free to skip past this down to the recipes.  It’s a whine.

As you all know I’m getting my license in a week *hopefully* Anyway I was discussing with my husband the possibility of getting a second vehicle.  Mostly because he doesn’t want to give up his Cougar, and nor do I expect him to.


He wants to get me



PICKUP TRUCK.  No…just no.  He kept going on about how utilitarian it would be if he wanted to get lumber or stuff for the house, and it could just be a little 1/4 ton crew cab or something (because of the kids) and I’m like…no.  I’m sorry.  I’m not a truck person.  I don’t like trucks.  They serve their purpose for rednecks and contractors, but honestly I..don’t want to drive a pickup truck.

So I’m trying to sell him on the Nissan Rogue.  Any help people? (those that didn’t skip down anyway)  Really.  I just have this visceral dislike for pickup trucks.  (If you haven’t guessed yet 😛 )  Nissan Rogue isn’t a huge wheeled tank that most “moms” drive..nor is it a minivan (I’m serious I hate minivans too..but I’d rather drive one of those before driving a pickup truck)

Sorry about yesterday

See,  Since I don’t have my drivers license, I gotta walk my kids to school,  and since my husband isn’t home (Survival course for work) I have to walk to get groceries too.  So yeah yesterday was spent walking…A LOT.  So I justifiably didn’t do much in the way of sitting at the computer and blogging.  I did however make a nice Salmon pie and will share with you the recipe, yes, with pictures.

Salmon Pie


FILLING (you wanna make this first and put it in the fridge to chill)
2 cans of salmon
3 potatoes, boiled and mashed up
1tsp tarragon
3tsp garlic powder,
3tsp onion powder,
1tsp seasoned salt
a dash of pepper
2tbsp dried Parsley

Now,  You dump the filling ingredients in a bowl and you mix it very well. so it kinda looks like this:
Put it in the fridge to cool off.
Now for the pie crust:
1 cup shortening
2 cups flour
1tsp salt.
With a fork mash this together till it looks like this:
Then slowly add ice water a few tablespoons at a time until it starts to form a smooth dough.  I don’t really have a measurement for this because it’s subjective.
Put it in the fridge to chill for a bit too.
Then, take half the pie dough, roll it out on a floured surface and put it in a pie tin, add filling.
Then you roll out the other half of the dough and put on top of the filling..making a PIE.
Like this:
Poke a few holes in the top with a fork, and brush with some milk or egg wash to give it a golden/glossy sheen as it cooks, 375 degree oven for about 45min to an hour, don’t cook it longer than that or the crust well *points to picture below*  I was too busy watching a movie with my kids.  Whoops  was still edible, the crust was just a little darker than it should have been.
Then serve:  I served it with some Green Giant steamed broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce.