Yeah…feel free to skip past this down to the recipes.  It’s a whine.

As you all know I’m getting my license in a week *hopefully* Anyway I was discussing with my husband the possibility of getting a second vehicle.  Mostly because he doesn’t want to give up his Cougar, and nor do I expect him to.


He wants to get me



PICKUP TRUCK.  No…just no.  He kept going on about how utilitarian it would be if he wanted to get lumber or stuff for the house, and it could just be a little 1/4 ton crew cab or something (because of the kids) and I’m like…no.  I’m sorry.  I’m not a truck person.  I don’t like trucks.  They serve their purpose for rednecks and contractors, but honestly I..don’t want to drive a pickup truck.

So I’m trying to sell him on the Nissan Rogue.  Any help people? (those that didn’t skip down anyway)  Really.  I just have this visceral dislike for pickup trucks.  (If you haven’t guessed yet šŸ˜› )  Nissan Rogue isn’t a huge wheeled tank that most “moms” drive..nor is it a minivan (I’m serious I hate minivans too..but I’d rather drive one of those before driving a pickup truck)


About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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  1. Help? Yes. Pick ups are harder to drive, if you don't fill the back up they often (not always) skid, A LOT. Look it up, read it online, say as a novice driver you don't think it's a good idea. And it really isn't.

  2. What D4 said.. Don't go for the pickup, you'll regret it once you have it.

  3. Personally I drive a truck, It is quite useful, but I'm always moving stuff, working and such. I would at least give it a try.Hope it works out for you though.Check out my blog if you get a chanceRawbhal's Interwebular Emporium

  4. Pick up trucks are good, they are sure to keep you safe if you get into a car accident.

  5. Trying to comment.. but can't stop staring at this beating heart.. try test driving some trucks, I have some geeky friends who drive them and love em.

  6. just say " if you will not got me a ferrary , we won't have sex" and the deal will be done.

  7. Nah I don't want a Farari. I have two kids. A Farari wouldn't be great for travelling with them..wait..they do have a four seater…that is a convertible. So..if they start being loud and obnoxious I could just put the top down and give er and they'll either shut up or I won't be able to hear them over the wind…You have a point…

  8. even if your going to get a truck, i've heard those smaller ones are nothing but trouble, eitehr get a 1/2 or 3/4 ton or don't get onethats just the advice i heard, the chevy volt is coming soon, maybe try that out

  9. Trucks are cool, wish I had one.

  10. take the mpg approach. with gas going up you may win.

  11. Trucks are ok, but I prefer to keep it classy, aka aston martin!

  12. Reassure him that you'll be manly and he'll let you buy whateevr you want.

  13. trucks are only needed if you realy gona use them. Else they are only a huge waste of money and gas

  14. buy a ferrai instead of the truck lol .no a truck is too much expenses if you dont use the truck option.get a simple car

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