there we go

A solution that works for everyone.  I made a free webstore, so I can hawk my dropship stuff,  (Link will also be placed in the sidebar) and I’ll still blog my recipes.

You see,  I’m just trying to contribute to the household income since times are hard, and I don’t have a PAYING job yet.  (Stay at home mom is a pretty demanding and harsh job but it doesn’t pay very well…) So yeah,  forgive the whole crap post below.  Just trying to help out my husband while I work the resume.

So this is the link to my store.  Yes, things in there are a little pricey right now,  I’m doing the whole “Vintage Automotive Collectible” thing and I guess those things are pretty hefty, but hey…if people like em enough they’ll probably buy em.  I haven’t seen any of that stuff in stores so *shrug*.  Of course I live in Canada so I dunno.

I’ll get back to blogging recipes tomorrow or Tuesday.  This coming week will be nothing but Turkey I’m guessing, since it’s on sale for $1.49/lb and a decent sized bird can feed us for a week.  (Yeah I told ya times were tough…but it is everywhere I guess)

I’m thinking that I might just invest the money I make (well some of it…the rest is gonna go to the family bank account)  Like since I’ll probably only be bringing in around $400/month after taxes, I’m thinking I set $100 of that aside to put into some sort of investment thing.  Gotta talk to my RBC financial advisor to see what I can swing on a $100/month investment contribution.



About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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  1. thanks for the info!

  2. thx for good info keep up the good posts

  3. if you are looking to get into investing i might sugest my blog on it ya the hassle and possible cost of a financial advisor

  4. every little bit will helps. as for the investing. thats only god if you have income you are willing to lose.

  5. Invest in silver, that shit is going up like crazy!~Followed n__n

  6. nice store, i might even order something

  7. I hope this works out for you! Keep up the good work!

  8. really good work on the store

  9. Good luck with the store, I sell stuff on the web too

  10. Interesting. I'll have to check out your store

  11. Cool stuff, you could post some pictures of your recipes aswell =)Unrelated Randomness

  12. what a shame, US customers only. hope you manage to get the cash.

  13. Haha way to go. Come check out my blog!

  14. i hope your advisors don't cost too much

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