Monthly Archives: April 2011

BAH Sorry about that

Life got to me.  The whole Mommy Taxi thing…then my husband going away for a bit then..well just life.

Also this past Tues my son injured his arm pretty badly and he’s now in a cast due to a dislocation that the quack at the closest hospital didn’t fix.  Lady was some stupid bitch that didn’t know how to set a kids dislocated elbow so she said “nothing wrong..come back tomorrow if it still hurts him”

Fuck her…I waited the 24hrs…then I went to the other hospital about 45min away.  They are more pediatric friendly anyway.  They Xrayed it (something the Punjab Quack at the other hospital didn’t do) they tried to set it,  they put it in a sling and told me to come back on Friday.  Went back, more Xrays, and they splinted it in a soft cast and told me to keep him in it for 2 weeks to let the tissues heal.  If he still can’t use it in 2 weeks, then it’s off to the IWK Grace hospital for an MRI to see if he has some fracture in his growth plates the Xray failed to pick up.  OH YAY.

ANYWAY, just letting you guys know, my mom set up a new store, where you name your own price (within reason) for whatever you want. It’s here. Seriously you name the price of what you want.  She has magazine subs and a whole bunch of stuff.  So go check it out at least.  *shrug* 

Anyway I gotta get back in the kitchen and finish up supper.  having Baked ham with Maple Bacon Glaze (the Glaze is a storebought one, President’s Choice Maple Bacon Marinade…)  and some Lipton Sidekick Scalloped potatoes.  nothing too horribly difficult.  Not like I want to cook anything super involved anyway…Stress sucks so bad.