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To those who say I don’t make healthy food

Today I went to the gym.  First time in about a year.  Why?  Because it took that bloody long for my husband to get me my gym membership.  See,  It’s a military gym,  so a military person has to sign up their dependants to use it.  Felt good to get back in the groove.  See, over a year I lost about 20lbs.  I want to get into a little bit better shape before I go for my surgery on the 21st of June (if that rapture shit is fake..which it is)  So most of my absence is me doing all the stuff needed to get ready for it.  Let’s just say, to put it delicately,  having two kids caused things to herniate down there.  Gyns like to call it a “Rectocele prolapse”  But really it’s a stupid hernia.  You know if you’re a guy and you have this ingual ring in the ball area where the balls came down when you were a kid?  sometimes it gets widened and the stuff goes in?  Well that’s kinda like what’s up with me. It’s annoying and I’m glad it’s finally getting fixed.  ANYWAY recipe time.

To those who said I had too many unhealthy recipes? BAH on you I say BAH!  Tonight I made the most delish salad IN THE WORLD
First I took a chicken breast,  Put it in a bag with a little Extra virgin olive oil, Rosemarry, sage and seasoned salt.  Let it sit for a bit, then put it on my george foreman grill because I haven’t dug my BBQ out of the garage yet.  I then cut up a honey crisp apple and diced up a quarter of it and put it on a bed of baby greens (ORGANIC baby greens) Then chopped up a bit of cucumber, and a few multi colored cherry tomatoes…and topped it with chopped walnuts.  It kinda looked like this:

I then took the chicken after it was cooked:
Chopped it all up and put it on top of the veggies
I then took THIS  dressing and drizzled it all over 
and the result was this:
There you go, a healthy supper.  Really tasty too.