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soft farmy warm farmy little ball of veg

I’m pretty stoked. This year we’re doing an “experiment” of sorts with a local CSA/Farm Share.  We locked ourselves into a 1 year commitment to a local farm/farms (They partner with a few other local farms so I guess it’s a farm co-op of sorts) to get fresh, local produce and meat delivered every week.

Everything is local, and mostly organic.  The meat is locally produced and humanely raised and slaughtered.  No factory BS there.  So, yes it is possible to be an omni Nomny  and still have ethics. Happy pigs make better bacon…

mmm bacon

 There’s more than just the ol factory farm for meat and egg production.

AND, no GMO’s.  That makes my little TechnoHippy heart happy (no relation to TechnoViking let me tell you)

Local and in season meat and produce, I will most definitely be reviving the recipe portion of this blog.

Honestly,  I totally suggest my readers to look up CSA’s that are in your area.  Support your local farmers. Down with the factory farms and Monsantomongers.  You’ll get your moneys worth and more if you do that.  Your health will thank you and your local farmers will thank you.  If you live around the costal area, and like fish (We have some serious seafood allergies here) Talk to a local fisherman to see if you can buy a share of his catch.  Fresh right off the wharf.  You’ll probably get a better deal from him on a few lobster and some scallops than you would from Mr Highliner.

not that there’s anything wrong 
with being a gay fish.

Here are a few links to help you find a CSA near you.  About the fishing thing though, you’re on your own about that, since it’s just easier for you to walk down to your wharf and ask.

Taproot Farms. The CSA I’m a part of. They serve Annapolis Valley and Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

ACORN Organic CSA Search. A searchable database about CSA’s in Atlantic Canada has a few links for you American Peeps who are looking for CSA info.

For those of you who reside in the rest of Canada,  the best way to find a CSA near you is to hit Google and type in “Community Supported Agriculture (insert your province or city/region here)  and there you go.


Enough of the political stuff…here’s some food

Pizza Lasagna!
1lb Mild Itallian Sausage (uncased, Johnsonville makes some)
1/2 Large White Onion (minced)
1Tbsp Clubhouse Italliano Seasoning blend (or whatever Itallian seasoning blend you have on hand)
1Tbsp Clubhouse Montreal Chicken Spice
4 cloves minced garlic
1tbsp butter
1 Can of your favorite tomato sauce (I use one that’s roasted garlic and herb flavoured)
Put diced onion in a large skillet, top with butter and 1tbsp of italliano seasoning.  
Cover and let steam until onion is soft.  
Remove cover, put sausage in, break up with spatula until crumbly, cover and steam a few minutes, until no longer pink. 
Remove Lid Add Chicken Spice and minced garlic, Move sausage/onions off to the sides of the pan making a well and let the fat accumulate in the middle of the pan and use a paper towel to mop out the fat (it’s safer than draining it into a jar IMO, drain fat however you want)  Add the tomato sauce, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Before you add the tomato sauce into the Sausage/onion mix,  Dump it into a blender with some fresh kale, cooked sweet potato, green peppers (if you are not putting them in the lasagna proper) or whatever veg you know your family SHOULD eat, but won’t eat.  It’s a great way to sneak all sorts of green leafy goodness into very picky eaters.
While you’re throwing together your sauce, cook 12 lasagna noodles according to package direction (or however many that will create 3 layers in your lasagna pan)
Other Ingredients:
Pepperoni (about  12 slices per layer)
Salami (about 12 slices per layer)
If you like green peppers/onions/olives on your pizza, feel free to use those too, I can’t stand those tbh so I leave them kids don’t like em either.)
Shredded cheese of your choice.   I use Kraft’s Itallian blend.  It’s Stringy Mozzarella, Parm, Provalone and Edame I think…


In a greased Lasagna/casserole pan, start with a thin layer of sauce, Then noodles, then cheese, Then Pepperoni and salami, add more sauce, repeat.  The top layer should be: Noodles, Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni.  In that order (for aesthetics tbh)

Bake covered in a 400deg F oven for 45 minutes.  Remove cover for 10 minutes for cheese to brown/bubble.  Remove from oven then let sit for another 10 minutes.


Gonna talk about something delicate.

(Discussing heterosexual issues here, I’m not  Lesbian, so I have NO ideas how sexual refusal dynamics work in GLBT relationships…I’ll leave that to people who are more versed in that culture than I am, and feel free to chime in on the blog with your comments.  I’m not being Heteroist on purpose, honestly)

Here’s a rhetorical question for you.  Do you think that sexual refusal in long term relationships, is linked to the rape/slut shame/Sex negative view that is pushed on women?  I mean both sides.  I know women who refuse to put out to their long term male partners, and men who refuse to put out to their long term female partners.

If you think about it,  from an early age, we women are taught that you need to dress a certain way for boys to respect you, if you dress any other way, you’re pretty much pushing the envelope, and will lose their respect.  If you wear a low cut top, a short skirt,  or even shorts in the summer…showing ANY skin is an invitation for judgement as one of “those” girls.  So, as a woman you take it upon yourself to dress from head to toe, so you don’t “tempt” your “weaker brother”. (notice the sarcasm quotes)  From day one, you’re taught that men can’t control their libidos.  They’re always after you. It’s up to you to keep them from succumbing to their baser natures.  Heck, you’re taught that sex is “Base”  and “dirty” and “Wrong”  and that only “Bad Girls” do it.  Right?  So you give into pressure from your boyfriend, and have sex.  Shit happens.  You’re human, it’s only natural to want to have sex.  It’s a pretty strong biological urge after all.  It feels good, (and leaving procreation out of it..) it puts the whole pavlovian happy response in your brain.  You’re now labeled as “Damaged”  “That Girl” “Slut” “whore”, and now anything any man wants to do with you is fair game.  You wanted it once, you must want it all the time right?

The guy,  who pressured you into sex the first time, he has his own set of cultural conditioning.  Since YOU are supposedly responsible for all his sexual thoughts, as a woman, he isn’t responsible at all.  He’s just a walking penis waiting to ravage anything he comes across.  After all, that’s what he’s been taught through society all these years.  Right?  He’s gotta be “The Man” and “Bang as many chicks as possible”, or here’s a major kicker,  he’s looked at as gay if he doesn’t at least score with one chick, and is bullied and ridiculed.

So when they get into some long term relationships,  be it marriage, or just common-law, after doing the initial “Reel Em In Because” sex, they shut down.  If it’s female refusal, it’s to keep him on track, or “Good Girls Don’t, and I want to be a good girl again, I want him to respect me, no man respects sluts”.  If it’s male refusal, it’s to show her that he isn’t just a walking bag of testosterone and testicles waiting to ravage her at any moment, and wants to gain her respect by showing her that he’s a “virtuous” male, and not like the other guys.

Sex, should be something willingly given, from both parties.  Not taken.  It’s not a weapon, it’s not something used to control your partner.  It’s a bonding experience for both parties.  It’s something to do to get your rocks off…it’s hella fun, and it shouldn’t be used as a way to shame or control anyone.  Taking it is wrong.  Refusing it because you want to control someone, is wrong as well.

Girls, you aren’t “Bad” or “Dirty” or “Evil” for wanting to have sex.  Guys, you aren’t a potential rapist, you’re smart enough to control what’s between your legs.  In a relationship, sex should be a gift you give one another because you love each other.  If you’re withholding it for any reason, time to evaluate what’s up with the relationship that makes you not trust that person to that point.   When I say withholding I mean Long Term Marriage/Commonlaw Relationship,  not a short term ‘hey I just met you and this is crazy’ deal…of course if you want to have a one night stand, fill your boots, but no means no in monogamous relationships as well as the short term ones…thing is sex in long term relationships help re-enforce that pair bonding.  There’s biology to back that up as well…but I won’t get into that yet…

Of course that’s just my rambling.  I think refusal and rape are each an edge of the same double edged sword.  Both are used as a way to control and hurt another person.  I also think they share the roots in the rape/slut shame culture.

I welcome comments on this.  It’s a ramble, probably makes no sense, but if it makes you think…then that’s good, too.

Stubenville Rape rant.

The verdict is in.  The boys are guilty.  Why the hell is the media going “Aww Poor boys their lives are ruined!”  You know what, (Bad word laced rant coming up)

Fuck them.  Just…fuck them.  They ruined their lives the moment they decided that putting their dicks anywhere near a passed out drunk girl, was a good idea.  And those who took part in documenting the whole thing?   Just UGH…you guys make me sick too.

The whole rape culture makes me ill.  “If she didn’t drink”  “If she didn’t flirt with him” You know what,  the only thing anyone should do with a person who is inebriated to the point of blackout is put them in the first aid recovery position and monitor for alcohol poisoning…then act accordingly as per 911 instructions. It does not involve any genital contact whatsoever. The whole case makes me sick. The whole defense of those assholes makes me sick. Rape culture needs to go away…like forever.

Oh and the ones who are going on about “Well they are only children!  They didn’t have the judgement yadda yadda yadda”  Well here’s my rebuttal to you;  those who took the photographic and video evidence of the crime and spreading it all over social media should be arrested and tried for production and distribution of child pornography (Or as I like to call them, Child Abuse Images)  And landed on the sex offender registry as well.

Just because someone is passed out drunk, does not give anyone the right to have sex with them.

Just because someone flirts with you, does not give you the right to have sex with them if they don’t outright say “Hey let’s go have sex!”  (or any other term)

If someone goes to your place, to hang out, and it’s too late to catch the bus home and they need to crash there, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

If YOU don’t want someone to take sexual advantage of YOU when you are all messed up from drugs or alcohol, DO NOT DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE.  Think about it if it were you in that situation.  Would YOU like it?  No?  Well guess what they wouldn’t either.

I really do hope those boys get their heads on straight, and that other teens learn from their mistake.  I hope this case blows open the top of the can of worms that is the rape culture in this society, so we can pick it apart, and throw it away, and make it possible for everyone to have the right to safety and unwanted sexual contact.

This whole issue was triggery for me…because I had something similar occur to me.  No the guy didn’t video it…he didn’t take pictures…but it was still a rape while I was intoxicated.  I didn’t press charges BECAUSE of the prevailing rape culture surrounding us.  For the longest time, I was blaming myself.  You know what, now, I realize It wasn’t my fault.  Just as it wasn’t Jane Doe’s fault in Stubenville.  Jane Doe, if you’re reading this… It wasn’t your fault.  You were brave, going forth and pressing charges against your attackers.  You have more balls than I do I tell you that right now.  Don’t let it hold you back.  You’re not “less than”  You are not a whore, you are not a slut.  You are a victim of people who didn’t know how to keep their genitals in their pants.  Who decided to make a cruel joke out of you.  Make a cruel joke out of them.  Live life to the fullest of your ability.

The Secret World Review

Hey all, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been playing The Secret World, and Mech Warrior Online, since City of Heroes went down.

I’ll post what I think about TSW.  It’s a great game.  The story is epic and far reaching, and very well written.  This isn’t a game that you want to power through though, I feel like it’s something that you should take your time and savour.  There are puzzles however, some of which are pretty damn hard.  Like so hard to the point that you want to punch your monitor.  Luckily there are guides out there to help you out.  I’ll post a link to such a guide down the page.

Back to the review.  The Secret World lends itself well to both solo play, and team play.  The environment is very well done, there are a huge variety of quests, from action, where you just shoot or slash things, sabotage, where you have to sneak through, and then the investigation missions,  those are really awesome, and also pit your wits against the game.  (sometimes you need help with these)

Combat, can be sketchy.  I love the active dodge, but the repetitive 1-2-1-2-3-4 combination gets kinda old after a while.

Build wise, you don’t NEED an alt.  You can literally use everything in the game. Just need to build up your skill wheel.  They use AP and SP to build skills up.  Rather intuitive.

Dungeons are challenging, as well.

The only problem I have with this game is it’s gear based like most MMO’s  (except COH)  So when you get through the story, you get to the end of game gear grind again.

FunCom does release regular content updates as well, so you’re not totally lost without new stories for too terribly long, so if you’re not into the grind then you don’t have to.

The best thing is, It has NO subscription.  You buy the box, and that’s it.  Kinda like Guildwars.  (but not NCsoft)  Sure it’s “Ermahgerd EA lol”  (especially after that SimCity fiasco)  but Funcom is a good studio to support IMO.

So yeah if you are playing TSW,  and need a little boost, you can click on this link Click here for a guide on The Secret World, walkthrough and PVP strats and more.

So yeah!  It’s really not that bad of a game.  I enjoy it tremendously.  You can find me as LacusMortius over on Leviathan server.