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What’s The Dumbest Thing You Could Say To A Congresswoman Who Lost Her Legs In Battle? Um, THIS.

My husband, came out of his conflicts with all his limbs, and most of his wits intact.  He is a veteran of Operations Apollo and Athena, as Navy Boarding Party, and Op MOBILE, Libya, as aircrew.

His best friend, and former combat buddy, who changed careers from Supply Technician, to Armoured (Royal Canadian Dragoons) was not so lucky.

In 2007, there was an IED that killed 6 Canadian soldiers.  Two were left alive.  The man who was trying to get me a job at the West Nova Scotia Regiment, and my husband’s best friend.

They sent him back, after his convalescence in Germany.

They kept him on rotation.  He’s the type that was able to hold his PTSD down.  He snapped one day.  He is still dealing with it.

My new friend, a SigOp, he’s dealing with PTSD as well.

My Grandfather, a World War 2 veteran,  he charged up the center of Juno Beach on D-Day. He battled PTSD for his entire life after the war. For some time after, whenever a fire in the stove went pop, he dove for cover.  He drank to drown out the pain and the screams.  My Grandmother helped soothe the mental wounds, and when she died, he was never the same man I guess.  All this happened before I was born, but still.

I think this is why Freyja has a serious liking to me and why my Disir are the Valkyries.  This has been in my line forever.  I have the utmost respect for those who go into battle, DESPITE THE REASON.

So, Congresswoman Ducksworth, good on you at putting that faker in his place.


What’s The Dumbest Thing You Could Say To A Congresswoman Who Lost Her Legs In Battle? Um, THIS..

Who Doesn’t Like A Little Gratuitous Nudity To Go With Their Violence Toward Women?

Who Doesn’t Like A Little Gratuitous Nudity To Go With Their Violence Toward Women?


I’m a gamer,  I did not notice this before.. Perspective!

An Open Letter to Mrs. Paula Deen

Note:  I really doubt she’ll actually read this herself, but I have to get it out there.  By the way, this is my blog, and I have comments moderated, if you’re gonna spread haterade about me or Mrs. Dean, your comments will not be published.  *momstare*


Dear Mrs. Deen.

I have seen the controversy surrounding what you have said over 30 years ago.  I am pretty angry that they are crucifying you for something that should very well be dead and buried in the past.  I find it funny that people who live in glass houses are throwing stones the way that they are.

I’ll tell  you something.  I believe full on that you never were racist.  Me on the other hand…This is going to be difficult.  Even if you WERE racist, and were raised that way in the deep pre-civil rights era South, it is possible for people to change.  I know it, because *I* changed.

I used to run with the Neo-nazis.  That’s when the Gods that I followed, turned their backs on me, except one.  I don’t follow the Christian God that you do, Mrs. Deen, but, you’re a gracious enough lady to understand that it’s not what church we go to, that makes us.  You said that yourself on the interview you did on The Today Show. (  

Of course this isn’t a faith contest.  I’m a cook.  I LOVE to cook.  You were one of my inspirations when I was little!  Little Canadian Me, sitting and watching all these wonderful Southern dishes coming out of your was lovely!  Along with Julia Child, and James Barber, YOU were one of my inspirations, the one who ignited the love of cooking, in that young girl.  You taught me all about Comfort Food, how to make fried chicken, hoe cakes, grits, and collards.  I wouldn’t have known what Okra was, let alone how to cook it properly! (Don’t forget to deslime it, people!!!)

Anyway, when I was a young woman in my early 20’s I had some really bad things happen to me.  I was so full of hate and anger, and rage, that I had to direct it at SOMETHING, SOMEONE…so, I started dating this skinhead boy.  I started falling into that lifestyle of rage and hate…full on.  It wasn’t a good time in my life.  I really don’t want to get into details, they aren’t important. 

Well, what changed me, and trust me, it is possible for people to change out of the racist mindset!  I know you were never racist, but ‘mam,  but if you used to be, I would be a total hypocrite to not extend you grace, because *I* was.  *I* changed, because I fell pregnant with my daughter.  I realized that there was more to life than hatred, bigotry and race.  I did not want to raise my child in that lifestyle or environment, so *I* changed. I know if I didn’t fall pregnant I probably would be dead by now, or in prison, either or.

So whoever is reading this right now, be it some person from the blogosphere, or, even Mrs Deen herself, IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE.  Racist people are able to change if they want to, I’m proof.   Leave the past in the past.  That’s where it belongs.  Mrs. Deen needs to be allowed to re-bury her skeletons.  We ALL have skeletons in our closets. 

Sincerely: Me

Remember, NO One is innocent.  Not you, not I, everyone has dirt.  Everyone has that dustbunny in the corner of their soul needing to be swept up and exposed.

The only way to clear these is to shed light on them.  Darkness and secrecy are self perpetuating.  Honesty and light, kill these things.  Mrs. Deen has BEEN honest, she opened her closet and said “Yes I have skeletons, who doesn’t?”, and just because she’s FAMOUS, does not give you the right to judge her over her skeletons.  She is human, like you and I.  

You know, when Rev Jackson and Mr Sharpton step up to tell people to back off of Mrs. Deen, you KNOW what she did wasn’t that offensive.  Get over it.

Lokean Rite of Opening

Reblogging this because it’s Cool

5am wakeup call


*house kinda shakes*

Me “Morning Thor…thanks for moving this system out faster”

Thor: “Not a problem!”


*I go back to sleep*

Food fit for the Gods. (tonight’s Noms!)

And Wonderful Noms are Had.

Tonight’s dinner was epic. We had Chicken Breasts with Dijon and tarragon cream sauce, with a side of angel hair pasta tossed in garlic scape pesto,
and a ceaser salad.

Dessert was a Strawberry shortcake.

Here are the recipes for that epic meal! HAIL LOKI! Muse of Noms and Kitchen stuffs… (“Hey, chicken breasts are on sale..ooh look what you’re getting
in your CSA order…let’s GOOGLE! OH YES THAT, and THAT, and ok, that will work”)

The Pesto:

1/4 cup of pine nuts

about 8 garlic scapes
roughly 1/2 cup of shredded swiss chard
Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Varied
pinch of salt
pinch of ground pepper

First I roasted the pine nuts in the oven, (picture) I then tossed them in my food processor with the garlic scapes (They are the tops of the hard neck variety of
garlic) and some swiss chard to mild out the bite, for the kids. I pulsed it until ground up,  Then I slowly drizzled in the olive oil until it made a nice thick paste. I put it in a container and refrigerated it until later


pestoey Goodness.  Spouse couldn’t stop  tasting it whenever he went to the fridge

Cook the Angel Hair pasta as per package directions.




4 Boneless Skinless chicken breasts
4tbsp of Dijon mustard
2 tbsp of chopped fresh tarragon
2cups cream or milk.
1/2 cup of flour
salt and pepper to taste
a knob of butter

Preheat your pan over medium high heat and drop the butter into the pan.


Chicken in the pan!

Salt and pepper your chicken breasts, then dredge in flour then cook over medium high heat until cooked through.  



With the Dijon/Tarragon sauce!

(Internal Temp 160deg Farenheight at
Thickest part, maintain for 5 minutes FOOD SAFETY! *ding*) Set aside on a plate and tent with foil.

Take a generous knob of butter and put it in the pan, (Yes more butter.)  then, put some of the dredging flour that’s left over into the pan and make a roux! Should be the colour of pale peanut butter.

Then lower your pan’s heat to low, take your dijon, your tarragon, cream/milk and put in the pan, and simmer while scraping all the bits off the bottom
of the pan. Simmer until slightly thickened/reduced. (pic)

Put chicken back in pan to reheat back to the proper temperature..
Serve, with sauce over the chicken

Ceaser salad: I use storebought dressing. Not hard to make, rip lettuce, dump in bacon bits, croutons and parm cheese, toss with dressing. Meh


The finished product! (minus salad, I did make it but not in the pic)


Strawberry Shortcake recipe!


Well I got my recipe from this place here


My whipped cream didn’t get very whipped but it was still tasty.

 I didn’t have a round cake pan but I had a square worked. I made some nutella whipped cream to go with it.

(And Loki is like HELL YEAHZ)

So yes, that is my epic mealtime supper. I try to do one really good meal a week or a month even..depending on the CSA box. 😀


30+ Examples of Christian Privilege — Everyday Feminism

so true.

The Ditzy Druid

Just a quick share today. I’m super busy with appointments and breastfeeding!

My friend RavynStar shared this link on her FB last night. I found myself nodding in agreement and feeling frustrated with the status quo. Who knows what religion, if any, my daughter will embrace, but it’s annoying to think that she may have to deal with the same issues that I do as an adult. I’m not keen on “bashing Christianity,” but there’s a difference between that and constructive criticism about the culture surrounding most forms of Christianity in America. People who practice this religion are privileged. Just raising the question of who is and isn’t privileged can be a huge provocation to some people, but I’ve always found it a fascinating, if complex and often dangerous, topic. To make any progress in this area, we of minority beliefs need to reflect on the ways we are not…

View original post 63 more words

My kitchen, my altar.

The squees and oohs and aahs of delight from Loki, Freyja, and Thor as I putter around the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner are rather amusing.

The strawberry shortcake is in the fridge chilling, waiting for the Nutella whipped cream, that will be put on at dessert.

The pesto is in the fridge flavours marrying. Same with the garlic butter.

Bread is going through its final rise before going in the oven.

I can sit and rest for a bit. Then I cook the chicken, and angel hair pasta. Make the salad, and serve my families. I will be posting the recipes and pictures later.

Tis is my realm, this is my worship. It’s my kitchen.

STILL STUCK! Writing Writing..*sigh*

Ok, I’ve started a novel series in November, for NaNo.  Well..It kinda petered out with life, first the spouse broke his leg, then, the holidays, then more piles of crap put on more piles of crap and eventually I’m here.  I need to get going somehow.  I’ve re-read what I have going on and still need to get my write on.  The concept itself is brilliant. (I think anyway, of course this is my blog and I’ll toot my own horn if I want to! 😛 )  It’s a Sci-Fi/Fantasy type deal, a twist of Pern, a twist of Star-Wars, a twist of My Own Design. *nodnod*  with a few nods here and there to the City of Heroes/Villains community.  (I MISS THAT GAME)  There is also a nod to Star-Trek in there as well…or there will be.  ANYWAY…it’s still in it’s infancy.  There’s no outright Sexy Tiems in it…I don’t know if Loki will show up, in any way..if He does, He will find a way to wedge Himself in I know it.

I’m loathe to share my concept on here because it’s such a public domain and I don’t want someone who’s a faster writer scooping me. heh.  So if you wanna know, you know how to get in touch with me and I’ll share.  If you don’t, then stay tuned for updates.  

I guess I’ll get my write on as part of this whole “Month for Loki” deal that’s going on. ❤  Writing writing writing.  I just need to get off my ass, harness my brain and git er dun.  

BTW It’ll be a series of 3 novels, I hope.  I plan on self publishing through the Kindle Store, or whatever “Free” service there is.

So there you have it, that will be my contribution to the Month of Loki.  That and cooking. I just need to see if Loki will babysit my kids..wait that wouldn’t be a great idea..OY!  


Thor’s Day tomorrow

Ok, on the heels of my last post, I figure tomorrow, I’ll set Thor out an offering with a plea to keep the rain and clouds away from mom’s on Monday.  It can’t hurt.  A heartfelt appeal and all that.  I picked up a tin of mustard sardines since it was suggested to me He wanted fish.  

Seafood in general is a no no in this house due to really bad food allergies.  Both my son and spouse are deathly allergic to all shellfish, and have nasty reactions to other fish, other than tuna or salmon.  

Anyway, the reasoning behind the mustard sardines, Brunswick brand at that, was, they were my grandfather’s favorite thing to eat.  He absolutely LOVED them.  Grossed me right out, but there’s a sentimental aspect to the offering.

See, my grandpa was a WW2 Vet.  He was one of the first ones storming up the beaches of Normandy.  Right up the middle of Juno.  He didn’t say much about what he went through, but that was ok.  I remember he served me Captain Crunch once, WITH SUGAR ON IT! (as a little kid that was like EPIC)  The time he lived with us, he went out to cut a Christmas tree.  It fell on him, but he was ok!  It was a HUGE tree.  I think it was one of the absolutely most gorgeous trees we have ever had.  That year, mom and my aunt made home made candies, we feasted on roast moose, and rabbit.  Tons of food, homemade goodies, it was awesome.  One of my most cherished memories of that place, and my grandfather was a part of it, and I’m glad of it.

So that one can of sardines brought up some pretty good memories.  Heh.  I remember seeing the Doctor Who episode “The Rings of Akhenaten”  and the core message kinda stuck.

So that humble can of sardines, all the memories I have of my grandfather.  Sure it’s not the potential of what will be, but, I can hope He accepts the offering and cancels the rain on Monday.

Or I could be totally off base on how Thor works and I’ll get hit by a bolt of lightning.  Who knows! heh.