Conversation with the spouse

So, my husband of 8 years has stumbled upon my blog. Not a secret really since I have it post to my tumblr and twitter, and he follows me on twitter.

Last night he was like “What does arincini have to do with Loki?”

I had to go into the explanation of, how Loki, like most Gods and Goddesses, are huge foodies, (I know there are those deities who don’t care much for food, but the Norse pantheon are all like YARRR FEAST AND MEAD AND HOSPITALITY YAAAAARR)

I then had to explain why the gods preferred home made stuff than to the pre packaged stuff. (Except candy, Loki and Freyja WOULD like jelly babies please) It has to do with devotion, effort placed in creating the offering, the energy and time placed into the foods you are making equals the amount of devotion you are putting towards the Gods. Say you make Loki a frozen pizza..He will be like “meh thanks for the thought” but if you go through the effort of making the dough, kneading it, crafting the sauce, and putting toppings that you know will please your deities of choice They will be all like omnomnom and happy, and in Loki’s case, it will reduce the chances of a Lego finding it’s way under your foot, at least in this house.

Cooking is the way I show devotion, to both my earthly family and my celestial one. Taking the time and effort to craft healthy, pleasing meals for both is my way of showing I care.

So going back to how arincini and Loki go together. The fact that it is a delicious snack, that takes a good deal of effort to make, and is a cuisine that Loki adores, it makes Him happy in his tummy.


About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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