My kitchen, my altar.

The squees and oohs and aahs of delight from Loki, Freyja, and Thor as I putter around the kitchen preparing tonight’s dinner are rather amusing.

The strawberry shortcake is in the fridge chilling, waiting for the Nutella whipped cream, that will be put on at dessert.

The pesto is in the fridge flavours marrying. Same with the garlic butter.

Bread is going through its final rise before going in the oven.

I can sit and rest for a bit. Then I cook the chicken, and angel hair pasta. Make the salad, and serve my families. I will be posting the recipes and pictures later.

Tis is my realm, this is my worship. It’s my kitchen.

About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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  1. Wish I was closer to Nova Scotia so I could come worship at that temple, too! (That’s me being rude and inviting myself…LOL)

  2. Whenever you talk about your cooking I wish my stomach actually worked lol.

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