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What I’ve been up to today.

Today has been a busy day.  I got kicked in the ass this morning to make a wand.  BUT Frank had plans today to go to the oldest settlement in Canada. Yes it’s even older than Quebec City.  Annapolis Royal.   So this morning I went to the branch pile Frank had at the front of the house and picked out a really nice piece of maple.

It was still green.  So I stripped the bark off and whittled the tip while it was easy to work with that way.  We then went off to Annapolis Royal

There, I saw Ganesh.  Well not REALLY Him, but He was in the form of a Dancing Statue in a shop.  I felt compelled to leave Him an offering, and I left Him the rose quartz I’ve had sitting in my purse for-EV-ER.  I think He appreciated it.  I do know that the shopkeep was rather taken aback to me leaving an offering for Ganesh, but he had a Buddhist vibe to him, and he went and explained every piece in his shop to me.  It was wonderful.  I really want to go back there soon. I bought a hair stick from his shop because it was what I was drawn to more strongly.  I did love the offering bowls he had, and the prayer flags. Oh it was like awesome.

Anyway, I came back and I put my wand blank in the oven to dry for about 30 minutes.  Came out wonderfully.  I sanded it to baby smooth using different grits of sandpaper, like I learned in woodshop so long ago! hah.  I then proceeded to find Frank’s soldering iron, since I didn’t have a wood burning tool.

I then, burned all the Elder Futhark runes spiralling down the wand from JUST below the tip as you can see in this picture:




Then, I felt moved to burn a ravens feather



Then, Yggdrasil 



I still need to get some wire so I can secure a piece of onyx to the hilt, and some minwax shelac or something like that to seal it all up nice like.  BUT, it’s pretty much done.  

YAY.  I’m exhausted.  I put out so much energy today I need sleepy tiems.  

Complete and utter Meltdown Ramble

Ok, my inlaws are in town, staying with me.  Lovely people, really..but I just can’t dig the questions..and the talking and..I REALLY don’t want to explain my faith to them.  They are soft line atheists. Like Atheist..but not The Skepticism Runs Strong In Those Ones.  

They are clearly uncomfortable with my altar.  MIL asked me about it, I explained, then, she went and asked Frank about it.  Like umm..ok…he doesn’t know much about it and he leaves me to it.

ANYWAY as ya’ll know, I’ve been getting POKED AND POKED AND POKED to make my rune set.  I need to do a ritual for the carving…Well, I’m waiting for my inlaws to go to bed because I can’t handle their crap in my ritual space.  The QUESTIONS and the SKEPTICISM and the NEGATIVE ENERGY..I don’t need that while runecrafting. 

This is my ramble.  I’m still not comfortable performing prayers and rituals out loud even alone.  I need to get more comfortable in my spiritual skin, I know that.  I don’t like explaining my stuff to my kids either.  I believe, but, I know others don’t, others who are VERY able to call CPS on my ass if they think I’m doing some nasty shit.  Kids talk, I live in the Bible Belt of Canada.  I dunno, Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms says I can raise my kids in any religion I choose if it isn’t abusive.  

PRETTY MUCH, I’m alone here.  I have no real life support in this.  It’s scary being the only one.  

How do you do it?  Like if you’re the only one around where you live?  I appreciate the internet friends I have made.  I’m just so scared of doing it wrong.  Totally fucking up.  I’m NOT a teacher (“yet” says Odin..yeah thanks) 

I’m a fish out of water here. I FEEL that this is right for me.  I need to get over my damn self consciousness and say “Fuck ya’ll this is what I believe and if you don’t like it, get stuffed”  it takes alot to get to that point though.  I’m getting shoved that way though. *sigh*

 I need to do more meditation on this….*sigh*  Also Shark Week Loometh and my emotional energy is like WEEEEEE so I might just be totally overreacting lol

25 pieces of bloodstone.

Ok I have been getting nagged and nagged and nagged to make my own set of runes by the Brothers. With the Star of David astrology alignment going on I have been getting major hints to DO EEEEET NAO…

So Frank took me to the local Rock shop. He wanted to tag alongside first she only had 13 chunks of bloodstone that I could use and then she was like wait a minute, and dug around in a bench to find more! Hail Odin for that. He REEEEEEEEEEEEALY wants me to get this done. Before Monday even. Shark week is about to rear it’s ugly head too so I guess no time like the present eh?

So…yeah. Lokisbruid gave me a page to sudy before I get a crafting…so to the books I go.

Oh funny thing. Frank n I got a free crystal reading at the shop. I got onyx guess I gotta practice grounding. Frank got quartz. Lol. He needs to open up his mind more to the spiritual realm. To opposite crystals rofl.

Anyway here is the bag of bloodstone I got. Nifty eh?


God Sex (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb; No wait… That’s wrong)

WordPress Ipad App didn’t want to reblog this so I’m doing this from my PC. ANYWAY as I was trying to say since the Ipad app is crazy.. ” Just like with mortals, when you bone someone it doesn’t mean you’re married. And if you’re married it doesn’t mean you bone! 😀 “

The “No-Ritual” Plan for Celebrating the High Days

This is a cool way to keep traditions going, or make new ones. Faith is deeply personal and ever evolving. 😀 It’s the heart that counts.

Ozark Pagan Mamma

Something I’ve heard often from my girls as they got older is that they don’t like ritual. My daughter in college is the most Pagan of all my kids, yet still very much dislikes ritual. I was wondering how (and if) our Pagan family traditions will be carried on to their future children if they don’t enact rituals for their beliefs. Then I remembered the cookbook I gave my three girls; it is a copy of my book of favorite family recipes that includes menus and recipes for each of the High Days. I realized that if you start with the food (my girls love to cook!), other traditions (that they remember from their childhood) will follow… crafts, decorating, singing… Before long, I imagine that they will have enacted many a “ritual” that’s not a ritual. I believe this will be how the traditions will be carried on; more of…

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BBQ’d Rabbit Haunches (Cooking for Loki)

I got some rabbit in my CSA this week.  I figure I’ll share what I did with them and ya’ll can nom and drool and try it if you ever get rabbit.

First: Made a dry rub out of sage, paprika, Clubhouse Montreal Chicken Spice, some garlic and onion powders, and salt.  Applied liberally to both sides of the haunch, and wrapped in saran wrap, and left in my fridge overnight until cooking time.

I took some garlic scapes, then blanched them a bit so they were more flexible, I then sliced them down so they made two long pieces of scape, then wrapped two halves around each haunch, THEN I wrapped each haunch in as much bacon as I possibly could (According to my husband’s buddy, it wasn’t enough bacon.. Loki agrees..but there is never enough bacon for  Him)

THEN, I turned on one side of my BBQ, indirect heat is the key for this meat to remain moist and not burned to a cinder due to the bacon grease flareups, so if you are using a charcoal grill, push all the coals to the side and leave an empty space and put an aluminum pie plate in the space. Indirect heat!

Keep the temperature around 400deg F.  and cook for about an hour, don’t turn! Leave it alone…

Near the end of the cooking time, that’s when you can use some direct heat to do a final crisp of the bacon and use some bbq sauce if you want.  I used Diana’s Smokey BBQ.


That’s what the rabbit looked like before tossing them on the BBQ.  They were SO moist and turned out so yummy

Day 17 Say What Now?

Reblogging because it’s cool, and needed to be reblogged. Please read this everyone.

Life with Loki

Last night on Facebook I ran across one of the most disrespectful comments about a person and their relationship to their deity I’ve ever seen. It went like this names have been redacted.

  • He has done so much for me. Made me so much stronger of a person. I think that he builds up those that need it, regardless of how one presents themselves to the physical world. It’s not like He builds up an ‘army’ of the weak, He brings us up out of LOVE.
    Even those who do not need to be brought up from the shallows will be embraced. I have always seen Him as LOVE.
    12 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
  •  Sorry but I have to call bullshit here personally. LOVE? REALLY. Are you sure you haven’t just made over Jesus with a Norse accent? Never read a bigger pile of bullshit in…

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My simple altar

Not very elaborate. Just some candles, Om Nom, Pinkie Pie, a shiny fish from Hawaii, and other various things.

Om Nom because both Loki and Freyja like to be fed with candy. Pinkie Pie because she is Loki’s favourite pony. The shiny fish for both Freyja and Her dad Njorn. She likes shinies and He likes any reminder of the sea. Odin will be getting rune stones soon, so until then He has some random crystals I got from my daughters collection. Labradorite, dyed agate, rose quartz, nummanite and hematite.

Loki also wanted that coffee cup. So He got it.


Garlic Scapes anyone?

Garlic Scapes anyone?

Husband brought home 10lbs of garlic scapes.
Yup.. 10lbs
how it went down:

Husband was like “Man I love these, wish I could find more!” Loki is like “I like them too…hold on..” Freyr was like “Meh I know a guy.” and Loki was like “Dude make it happen!” Freyr was like “Meh ok” Frank called me from work and was like “I have a 10lb bag of garlic scapes on my desk..I’m bringing them home” Loki: “Eeexxxcceelent”

My husband summed up Texas pretty well

“You are not allowed to have sex. If you do have sex, you are not allowed to use any contraceptive, so you will make babies. These babies must grow up to become criminals so they can be shot and/or put to death.”  

Retroactive abortion.  Thing is he missed the part about “So the kid can go live in the private prison system, working as slave labour while he or she makes some Boss Hawg more money before being put to death”

By the way, my husband’s blurb, was pure tongue in cheek.  I think I have to put that out there.