My simple altar

Not very elaborate. Just some candles, Om Nom, Pinkie Pie, a shiny fish from Hawaii, and other various things.

Om Nom because both Loki and Freyja like to be fed with candy. Pinkie Pie because she is Loki’s favourite pony. The shiny fish for both Freyja and Her dad Njorn. She likes shinies and He likes any reminder of the sea. Odin will be getting rune stones soon, so until then He has some random crystals I got from my daughters collection. Labradorite, dyed agate, rose quartz, nummanite and hematite.

Loki also wanted that coffee cup. So He got it.



About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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