The “No-Ritual” Plan for Celebrating the High Days

This is a cool way to keep traditions going, or make new ones. Faith is deeply personal and ever evolving. 😀 It’s the heart that counts.

Ozark Pagan Mamma

Something I’ve heard often from my girls as they got older is that they don’t like ritual. My daughter in college is the most Pagan of all my kids, yet still very much dislikes ritual. I was wondering how (and if) our Pagan family traditions will be carried on to their future children if they don’t enact rituals for their beliefs. Then I remembered the cookbook I gave my three girls; it is a copy of my book of favorite family recipes that includes menus and recipes for each of the High Days. I realized that if you start with the food (my girls love to cook!), other traditions (that they remember from their childhood) will follow… crafts, decorating, singing… Before long, I imagine that they will have enacted many a “ritual” that’s not a ritual. I believe this will be how the traditions will be carried on; more of…

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