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Psst. Mo, psst

Sitting on Facebook, just minding my own.

Loki: “psst, Mo, I gotta tell you something.”
Me: “Tell me, then.”
Loki: “not like this, go draw runes.”
Me: “ok…” *goes to room. Draws a fistful of runes*
Loki: *laughs*


Me “…”

Loki’s version of Lana Lana LANAAAA, WHAT! Dangerzone.

Please Vote for Floofers!

Floofers is one of my guinea pigs.  I entered her in the “Cutest Pet” contest at my local pet food store.  Pretty much how you vote is, you click the link, “Like” the page, Type “VOTE” in the comment box on Floofer’s picture, and if you want you can “unlike” the page once you’re done, if you want to keep liking it that’s cool too.

Floofers is a rescue Piggy.  I got her from a family down in Yarmouth who couldn’t take care of her properly due to allergies, so when I got her she was all matted up, and I had to take her to a groomers to get her all unknotted and stuff.  She’s a happy little girl and gets along well with her cagemate, Chuzzle.  

She likes Carrots and long snuggles on the couch.  She’s so well mannered that she will tell you when she needs to go to the bathroom so you can set her on an appropriate bathroom spot. 

So please spare a vote? That’d be great. ❤

The Leadership Role, and what it means

Ok,  from the feel of things, Odin, Loki and Freyja, have plans for me in the whole leadership arena.  

Here’s what I think of that


BUT, we all know that if that’s the path you’re supposed to be on, the Gods will do a whole shitton of work to make sure you get on that path.

So I’m joining the Canadian reserves. (military, part time for now) going to basic training, where I’ll be broken down and built back up, by mortal drill instructors, and from the feels of things, Divine ones as well.  A total restructuring is going to be taking place in my near-ish future.  Leadership is one of those things I’ll need to learn.  

I’m kind of afraid of leadership.  I have a hard enough time taking responsibility for MY shit, let alone someone elses, or many other someones.  But, if that’s what I’m supposed to be, I guess I have to grab the bull by the horns and go for it.  

Scared as all get out to be honest.  So I guess the days of rainbows, glitter and unicorn farts are about to come to an end and the real nitty gritty is going to begin.  

Winter is coming and Loki and Company are going to light a bonfire under my ass and mold me to what They want me to be.  

Do what thou wilt. *sigh* Thy Will be done…I’m gonna be going along for the ride I guess.  At least I have some kick ass friends to help me through it…even if I might only be able to talk to them on weekends!

Remember those 25 pieces of bloodstone?

Well, I did it. I made my elder furthark set.

Here are the stones in the Baggie after I bought them.

Here are the stones painted n ready for the dremmel tool. Since bloodstone is a hardness of 7, I needed to use diamond tipped attachments.

Here is the bag I sewed to keep my runes in. Nice tree fabric eh?

Runes before sealing and touching up. I have some sculpting tools that let me fix any paint errors. I used gold metal flake enamel from Testors. Yes a model paint. It works.

Here they are all done and sealed. I used a gloss clear lacquer to seal everything in.

Pretty much, 3 applications of blood, 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of laquer. The carving and blooding were done on the Star of David Monday. I just sealed em today because that’s cool and I wanted the blooding to dry Nd soak into the carved stone.

Anyway some of you are wondering why I chose such a difficult medium to work with for my first set of runes. Well. Odin told me to. Loki chose the colour that the runes would be painted after the carving. I practiced on some shell and wood first so I could get used to using the dremmel. My mother in law taught me how to use the sewing machine so I could make the bag. I wasn’t going to wreck $25 worth of bloodstones with inexperience. Turned out pretty nice eh? Considering the difficulty of the project.

So hail Odin, Loki and Freyja and my honoured Disir, who helped guide my hand during this productive crafting time. My wand is done, all oiled and waxed with the onyx set in the handle, my runes are now done. Honoured Gods, Goddesses and ancestors, thanks for Your help!