Free will as it relates to Gebo and Wyrd.

First serious discussion here I guess. Last night, I was taught the true meaning of the Norse Gods concept of Gebo. Gift for Gift, like for like. Now, in the space of the Gods, there is always room for free will. You will always have a choice. Now, sometimes those choices aren’t what you expect.

Take a toddler, (parenting metaphors is what I can work with because that Is my life right now, so deal with it). You need to get the toddler dressed and out for an appointment you just cannot miss. She has tons of clothes, and you give her the choice of the red dress or the blue dress. He refuses both, so you pick for her. Either she will be happy with the choice or miserable.

That was the type of choice I was presented last night. Either way Loki was going to get His Gebo. I could do it the easy way, or the Hard way.

So I DID have free will. I could have told Loki no, and “walked away” but, He would have gotten His due according to custom anyway, and it would not have been nice. I’ll take the path of least resistance and go with Him. It means more Work and some Wyrd stuff in the long run, and it won’t be easy, but it is much easier and less painful than the alternative. Love is a much better master than anger and retribution.

So, when a God wants something from you, you CAN say no, but always ask before giving the answer, what the consequences will be. Sometimes there might not be any, others, like if said God or Goddess has a claim on something, there will more than likely be some kind of fall out.


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