Today’s thinks thought of the day

Ok, taking the hint to do this before I stab myself with my sewing needle again. Sewing on
Badges on my daughters girl guide sash.

Today’s thinks thought is sacrifice, and gratitude.

Now, what is the first thing you do when someone “puts themselves out” for you! Sacrifices either material things, their time, or expertise at something? Think about it.

Is your first gut reaction is to refuse it? Why?

Is your first gut reaction to accept it knowing you might be called on to return the favour at a later date, either with the same person, or by paying it forward? Are you ok with this?

Why is it, as a whole, so difficult for people to accept sacrifices from one another? Especially in close relationships?

Do we fear the concept of Gebo? Like for like. Gift for gift, favour for favour? Are we afraid that we do not have it within ourselves to return the sacrifice in kind when called upon to do so, no matter how small?

Loki stayed by Odin’s side during His time on Yggdrasil. Giving Him water, comfort and support.
Loki went and turned Himself I to a mare to keep the giant from completing his work too soon, thereby sparing Freyja an unpleasant marriage. He gave birth to Sleipnir as a result.

Loki sacrificed His freedom and sanity, to see through what had to be.

So when Sigyin chose of Her own free will to hold the bowl, and ease the suffering of Her husband, He said nothing. During the times she the venom splashed on Him, he begged her to go, to stop the madness, to go have a life, She chose to return after emptying the bowl outside. She could, just keep walking whenever She goes to empty it, but She returns..time and time again. He does not shame her in her sacrifice. He understands why She is doing it. But out of love for Her, He pleads with Her to just stop, take a break.

Sometimes, there are no breaks.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, it might in time. I’ll probably edit this later I dunno…


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