Whirlwind Wodensday (that was yesterday I know)

As you could probably tell from my last entry, Odin has been poking around my life lately. It being the Hunting season, and me writing a book about The Hunt and well He’s in it and well, I did ask him for help that one time for my enrolment exam for the Canadian Military Reserves, yeah ok not surprised face….

Loki is pretty chill with Odin being around, I guess They share and it’s cool.

I think Frank will like Odin being here. He likes a meticulous house, and no nasty negative self talk (read previous post for the fallout on THAT) for a start. On the other hand, when Odin wants something done, it gets done no matter what. No excuses.

Point in case, this torc I made as per Odin’s instructions and request


I didn’t have the silver or gold wire to complete it, but Odin would have none of it, so I drove 45mins to Michaels craft store to buy the required materials, since all my local stores either had none in the right gauge or were closed. See what I’m getting at?

Anyway He wanted the same ritual as I gave His Brother Loki. Okie dokie Boss.. I was fully expecting a brain melting wrath of Odin complete with smitey smiteness. I was wrong.

It was completely the opposite of what I was expecting. I mean, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around some of the stuff. I had a rather in depth study of the rune Ehwaz last night and the many meanings behind it, how it looks like two Laguz runes, one flipped over, and holding hands turning into one. I know some of y’all have been doing this for years but I’m still a newbie and this was rather deep. Heh

I also bought Odin a single serving bottle of 90proof spiced whiskey. When He was done He was like, ok, your turn down the hatch. I took a small sip to brace myself and was like *coughcoughsputter* naw dude, I can’t, I bitch out” and He laughed and said to offer it to a tree or something.

I guess making Him smile is a gift.


About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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