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Darkness, Death and the “Black Whole” – the Uranus-Pluto Square, Scorpio Solar Eclipse and Samhain

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virgo magic

solar eclipseThe Sun moved into Scorpio on October 22 (until November 21) – the season of deepening darkness when (in the Northern Hemisphere) the days grow noticeably shorter, the leaves change color and fall off the trees, and our animal bodies tune into the many images of dying around us and the reality of our own inevitable death.

Darkness has been vilified and banished from our modern world, in which death is the ultimate failure and the enemy of life, but to the ancients death was simply a precursor to rebirth. The dark times – whether the monthly dark of the Moon or the annual diminishing of the Sun’s light – were used for rest, regeneration, healing, magic, and accessing information that can only be obtained when we turn away from the distractions of the external world and drop into a deeper level of feeling and listening. Traditionally, during this…

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Firefighters Don’t Wear Dresses: When Will Halloween Costumes For Girls Reflect Reality?

Firefighters Don’t Wear Dresses: When Will Halloween Costumes For Girls Reflect Reality?.


As a mother to both a boy and a girl, I LOVE THIS POST, *hugs it*

When Rumors Kill

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Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

Did I get your attention yet? 

To be abundantly clear, as I tend to write about many different communities on this blog, this post was inspired from some events in the BDSM/kink community, not the Pagan/Polytheist community. Just so we get our rumor mongering straight, as it were.

Laura Antinou, If you don’t know her, is a wonderful author of a series of books called “The Marketplace Series”. They take place in a world where people who consensually choose a life of slavery and service are auctioned for real money to Owners. They are fun, sexy, interesting books, and some of the best M/s erotica I’ve ever read. 

About a week ago, Laura caught wind of a rumor going around about her. People were claiming that she charges “thousands of dollars” for appearances/readings at events. I can’t begin to tell you the eight different ways how misguided and unrealistic that…

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Charity Donation Thingie

Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids. – DonorDrive®.


That is my donor link.  On November 2nd I’m gonna be playing Mech Warrior Online for 24hrs straight to benefit my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, the IWK Health foundation.

Please help support me in this worthy cause by clicking the link and tossing a donation my way.


ALL money donated through that link goes directly to the IWK Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I think this hospital also serves Maine, as well.

Anyway, here.

Godphone Question

Yesterday I had someOne ring my Godphone that I wasn’t familiar with. I had a huge flail and kept hanging up but the bananaphone kept ringing and thenx she took up all my bandwidth causing a busy signal and I couldn’t get through to anyone.

I got an explanation/lecture/lesson that my number isn’t given out to telemarketers so to speak. And He was sorry for just patching the call through without intros first.

Thing is I’m so new to this that, I’m still kinda dismissing my experiences as “nobody will believe you” /bill murray

I guess I need to trust The Brothers a bit better in screening calls. I just didn’t know they were. Now I do..

I’m still at the Simple Dog phase when anything Big happens…

20131017-123411.jpgfrom Hyperbole and a Half…this is me when anything super Godstuff happens, still

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (A prayer for Thanks)

Today is the day that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.  I, for one have much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my family, both here and departed.  I do hope this coming year I will get to know my ancestors in a deeper, more meaningful way.

I’m thankful to my mortal husband for putting up with my bullshit for so long.

I am thankful to Loki, for getting me out of the bad situation I was in so long ago and saving my life. (Even though right now one of His gifts to me is screaming and tantruming in her room because she isn’t getting what she wants, dude I just mommyjacked my own blog wat?) Hail Loki, I can’t wait to see what more our walk together will bring.

I am thankful to Odin, who has had so much patience with me as I’ve opened up old wounds to clean them out, so I can be a better, more rounded person, and even opening those wounds up Himself to get them clean. Also finding the bad head tapes to delete or write over.  Hail Odin!

I am thankful to Freyr,  through His bounty our CSA this year has been overflowing with good food which will carry over through the winter.  Yesterday, we had the Thanksgiving feast with my parents, because we all wanted to take this day to veg and reflect.  We had a wonderful 20lb free range turkey, and all the fixins, thanks to Freyr and His generosity.  Hail Freyr!


I’m also thankful for all my Heathen friends out there, Loki’s Bruid ( ) In particular.  She’s helped me through all the flail.  ALL THE FLAIL and then some.  If she weren’t around, I’d probably would have marched straight off to the freeking psych and got more meds, seriously, she’s awesome.

Holy shitballs, this really works!

Ok, I’m usually not one to fall for those “As Seen On TV” Products, you know the ones, the whole “THIS IS AMAZEBALLS AND OWNS THE PLANET” type commercials.  Like, Shticky, or those commercials that are like “Call within the next ten minutes and we’ll DOUBLE YOUR ORDER” , those kinds


Well, There’s one actual product out there, that you see on TV, and it really does work as advertised.


That.  I’m not shitting you.  I saw one at Walmart and I’m like “Meh, if it doesn’t work I’ll just give it to my daughter.” So I picked it up.

It’s the greeny/yellow one for “Normal Hair.

First off, I’ll let you in on a secret.  My hair is waist length.  I have not had any form of hair cut for like, years, seriously, seven I’m thinking.  So it’s LOOOONG.  It’s also straight.  I also use henna to color it.


So today, I decided it would be a great day to henna my hair, because I was busy doing housework in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (I live in Canada) and wasn’t planning on leaving the house at all.

Usually after I henna my hair and wash it out, it is one great big matt that takes forever to work through.

Not with this brush.  I mean seriously, It took all of two minutes to detangle my hair with it.  No ripping or shredding.  Sure there were a bit of difficult bits near the ends, (I do brush from the ends up no worries) and even then, no real ouch or ripping of my hair out of my head, or breaking it.  NO SNAPPIES.

So yeah,  That product, actually does work.  It really is amazeballs.

Útiseta: Or, How I Gave Up the Grail Quest After Freyr Laughed at Me

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Responding to Proselytizing

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bay witch musings

It happens to nearly everyone, Pagan or not, though Pagans (as well as atheists, humanists, and some other religious minorities) seem to have a more visible target painted on their backs.

Sometimes its the knock on your door by well-meaning bicycle riding young men in white shirts and black pants or perhaps it’s the grandmotherly looking woman that sits next to you on a crowded bus. Sometimes its anonymous…as blatant and undirected as a shouting angry man on the corner with a sign proclaiming that everything you are is an anathema or it might insidious but targeted–a child sent your way to parrot everything they’ve been told by their parents and their church in an attempt to gain approval. But then there are the times when its personal. It comes from your doctor, or your coworker, or your child’s teacher, or a therapist. At best, you were taken by surprise…

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One last hurrah of the light, before the dark . . .

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Cast Adrift: My Unmoored Path

We made it through September. Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, and I took advantage of that to give the lawn what will hopefully be its finally clipping until spring (read: January), and then the dog and I basked, and I knitted.

My last serious knitting project (read: that wasn’t a washcloth) was a lap blanket for my grandmother. I didn’t finish in time. I remember working on it furiously as my grandfather fought and then lost his battle with pneumonia, hauling on the plane with me, and back again, going faster as Gram showed all signs of giving up. As if, if I finished the blanket, she’d stay. And then, weeks later, giving up on the blanket, as if, if I finished it, she’d go.

I still have it tucked in my knitting basket. Someday I’ll finish it, and maybe I’ll keep it. Maybe I’ll use it. Maybe it’ll…

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