Responding to Proselytizing

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bay witch musings

It happens to nearly everyone, Pagan or not, though Pagans (as well as atheists, humanists, and some other religious minorities) seem to have a more visible target painted on their backs.

Sometimes its the knock on your door by well-meaning bicycle riding young men in white shirts and black pants or perhaps it’s the grandmotherly looking woman that sits next to you on a crowded bus. Sometimes its anonymous…as blatant and undirected as a shouting angry man on the corner with a sign proclaiming that everything you are is an anathema or it might insidious but targeted–a child sent your way to parrot everything they’ve been told by their parents and their church in an attempt to gain approval. But then there are the times when its personal. It comes from your doctor, or your coworker, or your child’s teacher, or a therapist. At best, you were taken by surprise…

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