Godphone Question

Yesterday I had someOne ring my Godphone that I wasn’t familiar with. I had a huge flail and kept hanging up but the bananaphone kept ringing and thenx she took up all my bandwidth causing a busy signal and I couldn’t get through to anyone.

I got an explanation/lecture/lesson that my number isn’t given out to telemarketers so to speak. And He was sorry for just patching the call through without intros first.

Thing is I’m so new to this that, I’m still kinda dismissing my experiences as “nobody will believe you” /bill murray

I guess I need to trust The Brothers a bit better in screening calls. I just didn’t know they were. Now I do..

I’m still at the Simple Dog phase when anything Big happens…

20131017-123411.jpgfrom Hyperbole and a Half…this is me when anything super Godstuff happens, still

Sacred Iceland


I was asked today if I had any advice for people who are seeking the elusive “god phone”. This basically means learning to hear gods and spirits on an internal level, i.e clairaudience. My response ended up being a novel, so I thought I’d just add it as a new post. I hope I don’t anger too many people with some of my opinions. This is just my way of doing things and my philosophy, and should hardly be taken as the end all guidebook.  I wish that I could describe a step-by-step process, but it’s always been kind of an intuitive thing for me ever since I was little. I’ll try to describe it as best I can.

I think one of the hardest things to do in learning to “hear” is learning how to shut down your own ego and expectations when listening. I think sometimes people can…

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