So, I wrote a novel, and had the guts to publish it.

So, the above link is to my Kindle version of my novel, Wild Hunt.  I anglicized my name because it’s easier on the search engines, and the people who are typing into the search engines.  

It’s about Loki (yeah I see your not surprised face) and his shenanigans in love and whatnot.  So it’s a paranormal romance.  There’s smut in it, but I don’t know if it counts as cheesecake.  I’m just writing what He puts into my head.  I’m working on part 2 now.  Would make a great Showtime/HBO series when I’m done, maybe.  Meh high hopes.

Anyway, the hard copy will be available tomorrow.  I’m kinda stoked about this.  Please be nice, it’s my first ever novel and all my beta readers mysteriously (Looks at Loki) had other things that popped up in their lives.  So this is an exercise in trusting myself, and Him.  I’m notorious for NOT trusting myself…or my abilities.  I second guess myself to the point of not doing a damn thing, not joking.  

So, buy it, boost signal or whatever.  I’m just getting it out there. 


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