First These Women Were Offended. Then They Realized Who Was Being Offensive.

This is wonderful  absolutely wonderful!   Seriously, how many of us have talked this way to ourselves?  I know I have.

I used to be a stripper (I’m not joking here, I seriously used to be an exotic dancer in my younger adult life) and I have this really crazy habit of saying “Yeah I used to be a stripper, now they’d pay me to get the fuck off the stage and even out of the club”  jokingly.

I went to the gym and I started to feel amazing, then life, and personal excuses got in the way.  I did it for me because I was tired of physically hurting from diastisis recti, (Separation of abdominal muscles usually from pregnancy, mine was from pregnancy)

Please click the link and watch the powerful video.  You’ll get the feelz too.


First These Women Were Offended. Then They Realized Who Was Being Offensive..



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  1. One of the last socially acceptable forms of bigotry. Which will make it easier for a government (through the guise of caring and health care costs) to go after overweight people. I’ve dealt with this subject in a short called “A Pound of Flesh”. It’s one thing to be self incriminating; totally different when the government starts coming after you. Very eye-opening video Monique.

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