Indie author promo tips


I was lurking on twitter today and noticed one of the people I follow/followers @raynehall, was talking about #twittertips. Mostly discussing what didn’t work, and what does work. We decided to be silly and make up a random hashtag called #uselesspromotweets. We got into many a discussion, talking about how free promos don’t work, and that just being engaged on twitter, is the best way to a: drum up real human followers and b: secondarily, book sales.

See, free promos rarely work to generate buzz. People pick the boom up thinking “meh it’s free why not.” Then it sits in a kindle dust pile never to be seen again. Or the person doesn’t value it at all, and leaves you a negative review, even if your writing is sound. There are 100,000’s of free kindle books out there, that this strategy is now pretty damn useless. I gave away a few hundred kindle copies of my novel, and got jack shit in buzz and reviews in return.

Another thing that doesn’t work: relentless promo tweets, hence the silly hashtag #anotheruselesspromotweet. If you act like a person, engage your twitter followers, you might very well draw in the type of readers you want for your book. Not trolls, not bots that will endlessly retweet your stuff between each other, real people, the ones you want reading your book.

Raynehall is a cool person. I highly suggest following them on twitter to get more hints, (link to the twitter page is at the top of the article)

In the mean time, if you are an indie author, like myself, trying to drum up sales of your book, it’s hard to do, but relax, if you are confident you put out a good product, and it IS a good product, eventually it will sell itself. (The link to mine is in the side bar, hint hint nudge nudge BUY MY BOOK!)


About Monica Baker

Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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