Pagan/Heathen community rant

I’m gonna start this off saying straight up, I’m not a bigwig in the polytheist/pagan community, I’m a relative newcomer so to speak.

 I was talking to a friend today, about how the Polytheist/Pagan community is just so divided it isn’t even funny.  Divided on paths, divided on spiritual practices, divided on the very Gods they worship (Anti-Lokean Asatru I’m looking at you).  It’s rather disturbing.

We need, as a whole, a sense of community.  Christians have it, no matter what denomination, Jewish people have it, no matter what denomination, Islam, Hindu, Buddhists.  They ALL have a sense of greater community.  We don’t for some reason, and it’s getting kind of old.

See, how I see it, is, everyone has different paths, different practices, different JOBS.  Some are driven to go serve their local communities, some are driven to improve their own broken shells of humanity before progressing to the bigger picture the Gods have for them.  Yes, some of the self-improvement may seem like ego stroking and making oneself feel good, but broken doesn’t feel good.  Gods can’t use broken people.

I compared the whole thing to mortal jobs.  All jobs in the mortal realm have value.  They are all needed.  Walmart needs the minimum wage (Yes I know it needs to be increased that’s another rant) inventory keepers, just as much as they need the CEO at the top of the food chain.  We need janitors as much as we need principals.  We need pizza delivery guys as much as we need the managers/owners of the establishment.  We are all cogs in the wheel, and all of our jobs matter no matter how small.

Even in the grand scheme of things, the humble little bacteria that starts the nitrate cycle in the aquarium, heck even in the ocean!  Exactly!  those humble little bacteria allow greater life to thrive.  How cool is that?  

So yeah, before we start having a sense of community, we need to start valuing everyone in the pagan community, even if they don’t believe or walk the same walk we do.  We all have jobs to do.  We need support to do them well.

Heck some of us are lone wolves.  I have literally no one near me to help me along my walk as a polytheist.  Zilch, nada, no one.  I rely on the internet polytheist community to guide me and help me see I’m not freeking crazy.

I have never understood the beef against pop culture paganism vs reconstructionism vs Fluffy Bunny Unicorn Rainbowfartism.  Seriously.  Reconstructionism is a good thing, it helps keep the old traditions alive, one also has to realize that we live in modern times.  The old rituals are fine and dandy, but we can’t just go out and slaughter a goat for Thor, that’s sort of frowned upon by local authorities depending on where you live.  Whereas honoring The Gods without a solid background in their lore, be you Hellenic, Kemetic, Northern-Trad or whatever Polytheist religion you embrace, isn’t really cool either.

I think, it all boils down to this.  Are you doing what your Gods are asking of you?  Are you honoring Them in your day to day life, in the mundane and mystical?  Weather you’re a God Spouse, Gothi, or just someone who believes in hard Polytheism and doesn’t have much of a magical/witchywoo spirit working practice, but just honors them, it doesn’t matter.  Are YOU doing it for Them?  It doesn’t matter how you believe They manifest and how you practice.  Are you working for the Gods you believe in for the sake of Them.  If so, who gives a fuck if you run around the forest naked howling at the moon or whatever you are called to do (Within the whole legal stuff…if a God tells you to sacrifice your child, you MIGHT want to not listen to said God and go talk to a shrink)


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