Loki, on Himself and His role in Ragnarok

Ok, according to the Jorvik Viking Center in the UK, today is supposed to be Ragnarok.  I guess they deciphered some ancient runic texts, or something or another.  Well, looks like they were wrong, and just wanted to drum up some publicity for their place, eh?

This morning, upon waking, I told Loki, “So Dude, today’s supposed to be Ragnarok”

Loki: 0_o (confusedface) “Really? Someone forgot to tell Me this. I hope nobody is very disappointed, we will have to postpone, to the umm proper date?” Then I hear a bit of a shuffle.  “Nope, still in the cave.”  *I smell rot* “Still bound in the guts of my son.” *feel burning* “Snake’s still dripping acid and Sigyn is still holding the bowl.  Nothing changing here.”  

Me: “Guess Hella needs to break a few more nails?”

Loki: “More than just a ‘few'”  Then He got all offended because:

“Come on, I’m on the planning committee, it’s My party, I know when it’s gonna happen.  Sheesh.  It’s not like it’s a SURPRISE LOKI! You’re free! Let’s go fuck shit up.  Nope, I know when I’m supposed to go fuck shit up, and it’s not yet.”

So the tl;dr:  This is just a publicity stunt for a museum in the UK.  Keep Calm, and Carry On.


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