You Might Be Doing Pagan Wrong . . . .

This. Just..This. Spirituality shouldn’t be a pissing contest.



If you spend more time arguing with other Pagans about how to be Pagan than you spend on your own daily practice, you might be doing it wrong. (Irony intended.)

If you spend more money acquiring altar tools, plasticine statues of various deities, and t-shirts with Pagan sayings than you spend on being debt-free, independent, and living a sustainable life, you might be doing it wrong.

If you have a deeper relationship with tv Witches, vampires, and werewolves than you have with your landbase, you might be doing it wrong.

Let’s all recommit, here between Imbolc and Eostara, to our own daily practices, honorable lives, and relationships with our landbase. The Wheel of the Year needs turning.

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