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Doing a book give away!!!!

Over on my Facebook fan page, I am holding a book give away.

All you have to do is like the page, like the give away post, and follow the instructions in the give away post. That’s it, I will hold the draw around April 31st for the free kindle copy of my book.

So head on over! Like my page and enter to win a free book.

Spoiled brat.

We are expecting a real nasty blizzard tomorrow, hurricane force winds and over two feet of snow. Hi spring? Ok Skadi you can go back to your mountains now, we’re good for the year.

So, I was at the dollar store buying some candles and food items we can easily heat up using our fondue set, stews, soups, mister noodles, stuff like that. Well I noticed we needed a BBQ lighter. I looked around the entire store after picking up some emergency votives, and couldn’t find it to save my life.

Every time I walked past the candle aisle I smelled red velvet cake. I looked at the pretty candles, and one practically fell on my head.

Red velvet cake scented candle. Once I picked it up a helpful lady came by to point me in the direction of the BBQ lighters. I guess Loki wanted a red velvet cupcake scented candle. He got it.


How Many Hours A Week Do You Spend Marketing Your Book?

Soo…Whatcha Readin?

Soo...Whatcha Readin?

It’s Monday! That day of the week that has very little love from anyone. The beginning of a new work week. The ending of the fun weekend. Well who said Mondays have to totally suck?

Mondays are what you make them, and curling up with a great book makes them so much better. So! Post in the comments, what are you reading? If you need a suggestion you can pick up my book at It’s only $2.99 for Kindle. Or if you don’t have a kindle, or a smart phone, or a tablet, you can pick up the paperback through that link as well.

Make Mondays better, grab a book, sit down and read when you get home to unwind. 😀

How to Promote Your Book Like a Pro!

This is pretty solid info. Reblogging for great justice. That and so I don’t lose track of it because I’m about to go watch Cosmos.

Triumph of the Spirit

through-gods-eyes-book-cover This is my book. I’ll be using it as an example throughout this post to show you how to promote your own book.

Congratulations on writing a book! Only a select few aspiring authors get started writing a book, much less finish it! You’ve undoubtedly invested enormous amounts of time, focus and love into your book. Now that it’s done, the work of promoting it begins. Here are some ideas and resources to help you do that.

Before going any further, be sure to read my post, Here’s Why Your Book Is Unpublished. If you’d like to know a little about me, click here.

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The first thing you need to do is build…

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Another Excerpt from my novel Wild Hunt.

Below is an excerpt from my debut novel, Wild Hunt.



Most girls on the island would be happy to be barefoot and pregnant to some fisherman for the rest of their lives, but Miriam wanted to see the world. If that was a sin, then she hoped she had a nice seat next to old Scrotch himself.


The guidance counselor was pretty much the only person she was able to trust through her entire high school years. He was the one who encouraged her to keep her grades up throughout the years. He kept reminding her that if she did, it was a guaranteed trip off the island for the better.

The counselor was from St. Johns. He came around once a week, since it was all the school district could afford. He was tall and muscular, with long black hair streaked with silver and tied at the nape of his neck. He was missing his left eye and the vacant socket was covered by a silver eye patch engraved with three triangles overlapping each other.


One day Miriam asked him about it. “Hey Mister Baley, how did you lose your eye anyway?”


Mister Baley gave her a sly grin. “Well, when I was a kid, I really wanted a pellet gun. All my friends had one, so I kept bugging my mom. I even asked Santa Claus at the mall. One Christmas, when I was six years old, I opened up the only present under the tree that had my name on it. It was that pellet gun I wanted. I ran upstairs to my room and got dressed as fast as I could. I couldn’t wait to shoot that thing. I didn’t bother reading the instructions and didn’t discharge the extra air from the chamber before reloading. I knocked the trigger and shot my eye out, was lucky I didn’t get killed.”


Note:  This is NOT a Young Adult novel.   If you’re interested, please go on over to and buy a copy!  only $2.99 on Kindle.  It is also available in Paperback through that link as well if you don’t have an Ereader or a fancy tablet/phone.  

I am currently working on the second novel of the series.  I’m trying to figure out a title for it.  Happening around Yule.  I’ll figure something out, no worries.

New-ish Altars!

I finally got around to picking up some stuff to make an altar for Odin.  Loki has had His for a while, and Odin was cool sharing for a bit but They were getting tired of sharing a room so to speak.

I got a couple of tables from my mom for Christmas.  Nice antique/distressed green ones.  I like them.  So I put them in our dining room since it’s one of the most used rooms of our house.

I have been slowly embroidering altar cloths for the two but that’s kinda stalled because of Reasons.

Anyway here’s the pics of the finished product.




Odin’s altar has a grey jasmine candle (I couldn’t find dark blue and He was like ‘grey is cool too’) a little ivy plant (I felt I needed to put a plant on there for some reason, I don’t know why…) a raven feather. (Picked up on my way back from bringing the kids to the bus one morning.  A raven stopped on a powerline overhead and pulled it out and dropped it to the ground.  I knew it was important) My runes, and a couple of crystals. (Labradorite, smoke quartz, rose quartz and purple dyed agate)



Loki’s…standard Lego Loki minifig, Pinkie Pie, Om Nom. (Feed with Candy and Cupcakes) a fish (not a salmon but it works for now) Red candle and smudge stick.  It works.  😀  anyway that’s His.  He’s happy with it.

Getting worn down

Life as an independent author is a pain in the ass.  Seriously.  Sure, you don’t have editors breathing down your throats regarding deadlines, you don’t have to deal with sketchy houses not paying you your royalties, but there’s just something missing.  Oh yeah, actual royalties and the time to get to work on a new book.

See, as an Indie, I need to keep my ass glued to Twitter and Facebook, and yes, this blog, to promote my book so it can sell.  I don’t have the huge marketing arm that a publishing house has.

So I’ve spent the past few days pitching.  Pitched to a few small-ish publishing houses with decent track records, *Piers Anthony has a great up to date list on houses, along with reviews of some of them: * and today I pitched to an agent.  I’m not a salesperson.  I’m an author.  I’m not great at blowing sunshine up peoples asses to get them to buy something.  I want my work to speak for itself.  Unfortunately that isn’t how the writing world works if you want your book to get out there.  So, I’m trying to get it into the hands of people with that skill.  The waiting game is a bitch.

*sigh*  I just want to get to work on my second book.  Is that too much to ask?  But no, I need to keep promoting.

I think I’ll use to automate my tweets and get back to @ replies when I can.   Figure if I sprinkle some funny/witty non-promo tweets with some actual promo tweets, people won’t get fed up.  I dunno.

Interesting chat

On Facebook, one of my cousins shared a gofundme for a mother of two who passed on from encephalitis. Loki kinda looked at me and said:

“You know, you should stop fighting the mortal about the insurance thing”

Me: “really? I don’t bring anything g in financially, it would just be for the funeral, after that he would be …”

Him: “shut it. Stop devaluing yourself”

Me: “ok, what was the weregild for a slain mother”

Odin: “quite a bit, usually more than what her husbands would be, and more often than not, it was bloodgeld”

So that’s my UPG….

Guess I need to go “ok let’s go to SISIP and get it sorted”. Bah.

According to the Godphone flow chart this is probably legit because it goes against the stubborn self devaluing pity party I usually have.

What defines a “devotional relationship” with a God or Goddess?

I have been told by some people that one cannot ( or should not) do (insert Thing here) if one does not have a devotional relationship with said God or Goddess. That has always confused me. Why? You may ask. Pretty simple. All my models for a “devotional relationship” with the Divine, is through the Protestant or Catholic Judeo Christian model, and to be frank, my relationship with my Gods, is definitely not like that at all.

I don’t sing hymns, I don’t say prayers. I go “morning! What’s up? Here’s Your coffee.” I chat with Them throughout my day, and once a day I go and meditate. If They ask me to do something, I do my best to fulfil the request, but, the whole dynamic does NOT feel like the Judeo Christian model of devotion worship that I have been modelled my entire life, heck I don’t read reference materials that often. I know the gist of the Eddas and lore, but the in depth study of various translations? Nope, not for me and I don’t feel particularly called to do so.

I don’t fast for my Gods either. Actually I have been expressly forbidden by both Loki and Odin to do so. I don’t know why, They have Their Reasons and I’m just gonna go “okay boss” and not entertain that youth ever again.

I keep going to the Judeo Christian reference, let me clear it up. The model I’m familiar with for devotion is, going to church 1-3 times a week, group bible study once a week, nightly bible readings, prayer, rinse and repeat. There is Lent starting today, so the hordes of faithful are evaluating and going through things to give up for lent to show their devotion. Both Protestant and Catholics do this.

I figure that my house hasn’t burnt down and I haven’t been killed in a horrific bloody and spectacular way, I’m still doing it right. Odin told me today that what we have (Loki, Him and I) goes a little bit deeper than a purely devotional practice. I think I’ll take His word on it and leave it at that.