Interesting chat

On Facebook, one of my cousins shared a gofundme for a mother of two who passed on from encephalitis. Loki kinda looked at me and said:

“You know, you should stop fighting the mortal about the insurance thing”

Me: “really? I don’t bring anything g in financially, it would just be for the funeral, after that he would be …”

Him: “shut it. Stop devaluing yourself”

Me: “ok, what was the weregild for a slain mother”

Odin: “quite a bit, usually more than what her husbands would be, and more often than not, it was bloodgeld”

So that’s my UPG….

Guess I need to go “ok let’s go to SISIP and get it sorted”. Bah.

According to the Godphone flow chart this is probably legit because it goes against the stubborn self devaluing pity party I usually have.


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Stay at home mom trying to get back into the workforce and blogging about it. Nothing super exciting really. But if you insist on reading go right ahead. If anything feel free to leave tips!

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