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Sad News For Nova Scotia Pagans.

Little Mysteries, a pagan shop in down town Halifax is looking for a buyer. They don’t want to close their doors to the community they have served for 19 years. Welcoming everyone, regardless of spiritual path, into their doors and providing education and enrichment in the pagan ways.

I guess, according to their link here: their time frame has been significantly reduced.

So if you read that, and are able to help by stepping up, it would be wonderful. Pagans here in Nova Scotia have so very little resources available, and very few establishments like Little Mysteries to help with their paths.

Nova Scotia, and the Canadian Maritime provinces are deeply Christian conservative. We are the Bible Belt of Canada, so when any of these shops close, it is a huge blow to the pagans of this region.

Please help! If anyone has any ideas in how we can save this wonderful resource, let me know in the comments, or in the contact info in the link I posted a few paragraphs up.

Thank you.

My first ever tattoo!!!!!!!!!


It’s a raven with a Valknut in its talons. I love it!!!!

Shadows of the Past come to Haunt me.

Everyone in the Northern Tradition Blogosphere has been talking about what went down in Kansas.  I figure I would put my two cents in, even though it’s probably not needed, or wanted.

As I read the news about what that old man did.  That bitter, angry, hateful old man.  The old man who couldn’t let old hatred die, the old man who probably had nothing left, except the hate that fueled him through his twilight years. I could have wound up like him.

I used to run with the white supremacy movement. I used to believe all that tripe.  I used to even do the Odinist thing. I shudder to remember the memories I have of that awful time.  The pain I caused other humans, and to my Gods alike.  They turned Their backs on me, justifiably.

There is no excuse for what that man did.  I have no words, to be honest, just anger.  I try to get away from that aspect of my past, and it comes up and thwacks me upside the head in ugly ways.  I’m ANGRY how the white racist movement has appropriated the old ways of Europe.  The Celtic, Norse, Fino-Ugric religions…all have been appropriated by the racists.

Why you might ask?  I’ll give you insight.  It has to do with ancestors.  They want to be closer to the “pure” religion of their “White Ancestors”  (note the sarcasm quotes)  The real extreme ones, even view Christianity as a traitorous religion, and have contempt for the KKK and the World Church of the Creator.   They want to preserve “White Culture”.  They think they are “under attack” from multiculturalism.

Boy are they in for a shock when they learn that Vikings were prolific traders throughout history!  They traded as far as China, probably down into Africa!  They embraced other cultures and traditions!  Vikings weren’t as xenophobic as they think they were.

Sure Odin is a God of battle and glory that is for certain, one of His faces is that of Death.  He is also the God of wisdom, poetry and exploration.  His ways are traveling around the nine realms, to learn from the inhabitants.   My shame is, I bought into the party line.  I betrayed Him and His kin. They forgave me. I guess my deeds and heart changed and They took me back.  I’m never going to violate Their trust in me ever again.  It’s sacred.  It’s deep.  

You’re probably wondering what got me to change.  I got pregnant with my daughter.  That’s pretty much it.  I realized when I was pregnant with her, that there was way more to life than who follows what religion and the amount of melanin in someone’s skin.  I was foolish, stupid and ignorant.  I didn’t want to raise my child in an environment of hate.  I turned my back on the evil and moved forward.  

I’m still very remorseful for how I was.  Stuff like this brings the whole guilt back up to the surface and I spend the day in deep meditation in front of my altars, mostly apologizing profusely to the Gods for my tomfuckery when I was young and stupid.  I don’t know how much self flagellation Odin will put up with from me on this issue, I think He’ll give me the cease and desist eventually, or already has and I’m too dense to see.

This is a rambling blog so yeah deal with it, my blog I can ramble on if I want to,  this whole racist shtick kinda hits hard and I need to get it out to process this because it really does affect me deeply.

It’s because of my past involvement, that I’m pretty leery about getting a valknut tattooed on me, Odin wants me to, I want to.  Thing is,  it’s still recognized as a hate symbol thanks to fucktards like the old coot in the news story.  

I’m glad that as a community, we are no longer remaining silent.  We need to fight this stigma tooth and nail.  I might not be the best person to help with that fight, because of my past, but damnit I’ll stand behind people who are more suited for the task and give as much insight and intel that I can.

It’s a shame that the old man is probably too old and set in his ways to change,  pretty obvious since he took it to a level most white supremists dream of.  

Oh and about the asshats who like to wear Odin’s mark:

All that I know is, Odin can tell the difference between who a real adherent to His ways are and some punk ass fucktard coward wearing a Valknut to be cool. When that fucktard dies, the Valkyries will pass them over and not even Hel will receive them.

They will be cursed to wander in the Twilight, providing never ending practice for the Hunt.

So as a Heathen community, we are holding a fundraiser to help the families of those who have been slain in this heinous act of hate.  We want to hold our hand out to the Jewish community and show that we aren’t hateful bigots. Please, if you can, donate, it will mean a lot to those families.

A fitting passage from the Havamal if you ask me:

A coward believes he will ever live 
if he keep him safe from strife: 
but old age leaves him not long in peace 
though spears may spare his life.

Fredericton’s Morgentaler Clinic Is Closing, And Here’s Why You Should Care

This is just next door to me provincially speaking. Please signalboost.

The Belle Jar

This morning the Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick announced that it will be closing in July of this year due to lack of funding.

The Morgentaler clinic is the only abortion clinic in New Brunswick. In fact, aside from the Athena clinic in Newfoundland, it is the only abortion clinic east of Montreal. It serves not only the population of New Brunswick, but also that of Prince Edward Island. Currently, abortions in those provinces are not covered by medicare – in fact, Regulation 84-20 of New Brunswick’s Medical Services Payment act includes the following under procedures which are “are deemed not to be entitled services”:

(a.1) abortion, unless the abortion is performed by a specialist in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology in a hospital facility approved by the jurisdiction in which the hospital facility is located and two medical practitioners certify in writing that the abortion was medically…

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Pagans, Mental Health, and Abuse

Pagan Activist


There’s an elephant in the room. Pagan communities allow completely inexcusable behavior by leaders, teachers, and group members. There’s a range mental health issues (particularly untreated mental illness) that we don’t talk about that add to this problem.

You’ve probably heard about the arrest of Pagan author/presenter/musician Kenny Klein for possession of child pornography. Following his arrest, many Pagans came forward alleging that when they were teenagers, Kenny sexually abused them.

We have a huge problem in our overlapping Pagan communities. We enable unacceptable behavior from participants, leaders, and teachers. In my observation, this is the root cause of at least 75% of groups that explode/implode.

This article covers potentially triggering topics.

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One Year Later: What justice for Rehtaeh Parsons?

I did a bit of a spot on my own blog about this. Figure I’ll reblog this so people who happen to be following there, can get this story as an update.

A year ago in Halifax, a 17-year-old child strung herself from a bathroom doorknob, having been discharged from Halifax’s IWK Children’s Mental Heath Unit after being strip searched on suicide watch. That final indignity had been Rehtaeh Parsons’ last encounter with the Maze. Before that, a rudderless education administration had negligently handled her guidance record across three schools, and 16 months earlier an over-clocked justice staff had privately set her plainly photographed sexual assault aside to address more likely convictions. Full stop.

In a nutshell, for the last year, that is the unvarnished maypole that virtually every authority in Nova Scotia and Ottawa have been dancing around. As a series of show reviews slowly make their way through the civil and administrative ranks — honourable members on all sides of both houses table ineptly advised cyber law reforms, rather than their own resignations as the ministers and deputies responsible on the files.

Rehtaeh Parsons A…

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Writing “realistic” male/female characters

I love this post. LOVE IT. Just write a character, assign gender…it’s pretty freeking simple. Heck the male character might not even own a penis, trans-male/Trans=female whatever. Just GO with the creative juices.

purple ink writers

A friend of mine is a writer and Creative Writing teacher. He posed this question on Facebook:

“A Creative Writing student tells me that she has no problem writing female characters, but that she doesn’t think she can write realistic male characters. She’s asked me how to fix this.”

My response was this:

Well, first, I think you write a character, not a male character or a female character. Not all men behave the same, not all women behave the same, and some men are feminine, some women are masculine. So, yeah, my first piece of advice is to worry less about the plumbing and just write the character. 

Having said all that, if I’m trying to make sure a character comes across as masculine, then, after I write his dialogue, I go back an remove the “softening” words like “I think,” “I believe,” “Maybe.”

So, the line, “I thought…

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“All Acts of Love and Pleasure” does not give you license to violate someone

This…All My THIS…. ❤

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

The most problematic phrase in the Charge of the Goddess is ?all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals?. Unfortunately sometimes this is used as a weapon against women, particularly young or inexperienced women.

The Charge of the Goddess is a lovely bit of poetry but nowhere does it say specifically that those ?acts of love and pleasure? have to be consensual and with both parties being equals. There is no ?act of love and pleasure? if one party is a minor or an apprentice or drunk or impaired or any other unequal relationship that could happen. And the sad fact is the ones who wield it like a weapon are usually men. I? m sure women have too but most are predatory males.

I?ve heard it when someone decided to grab my ass when I was younger and my answer was always ?whose pleasure?? You don?t get to…

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Don’t be naive – the pagan community has always had pervs

This. THIS THIS THIS. As someone who was also taken advantage of by a pagan creeper….it resonates with me.

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

I?m kind of surprised at the level of astonishment at Kenny Klein as if he was the first pervert paganism has ever had. The people expressing it are either willfully naïve or damned stupid. When I came into the pagan community there were a lot fewer men and most of the organizations were run by women. And a lot of the men who came into the pagan community were of the ?free love? variety and expected women to be loose and free with their favours.

There were men we regularly warned each other about. At Harvest Moon we had some presenters that are now pagan elders that were handsy to put it mildly. One with the initials of AK used to be so dumb about lesbians he would hit on any woman near him including those of us in short hair, vests and ties who only really associated with other…

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