Writing “realistic” male/female characters

I love this post. LOVE IT. Just write a character, assign gender…it’s pretty freeking simple. Heck the male character might not even own a penis, trans-male/Trans=female whatever. Just GO with the creative juices.

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A friend of mine is a writer and Creative Writing teacher. He posed this question on Facebook:

“A Creative Writing student tells me that she has no problem writing female characters, but that she doesn’t think she can write realistic male characters. She’s asked me how to fix this.”

My response was this:

Well, first, I think you write a character, not a male character or a female character. Not all men behave the same, not all women behave the same, and some men are feminine, some women are masculine. So, yeah, my first piece of advice is to worry less about the plumbing and just write the character. 

Having said all that, if I’m trying to make sure a character comes across as masculine, then, after I write his dialogue, I go back an remove the “softening” words like “I think,” “I believe,” “Maybe.”

So, the line, “I thought…

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