8 legged goat, and a story

this is the story of an 8 legged baby goat born in Croatia

Loki lounged on a pile of hay in the barn outside of Valhala. His flame red hair was flecked with bits of straw as he lounged out of the sight of the Aesir. He took a piece of bright yellow straw and placed it between his full lips while closing his eyes in contentment. A beam of sunlight streamed through one of the barn windows, bathing Loki in its warm light while he relaxed. Suddenly the pungent smell of offal replaced the sweet hay scent in his nostrils, as one of the horses voided itself in its stall.

Loki crinkled his nose in disgust, thinking he should have picked a less fragrant place to play hooky for the day. He began to drift off to sleep as he lay in the stack of sweet, warm hay, only to be roused by a panicked bleating from the far end of the barn.

“I wonder what all the commotion is about?” He wondered as he rose from his resting place to investigate the fracas. Loki strode down to the far end of the barn and stopped at a small stall. He peered over the door and saw a billy goat stuck in his wrought iron hay rack.

“You must be one of Thor’s goats” Loki mused. “Looks like you got stuck pretty good.” The goat’s horns jutted a good two feet in length from the top of his broad skull. These shiny onyx ornaments curved backwards, and were tipped in silver. Thor’s idea. It was this impressive rack that was the cause of the caprine’s entanglement, for they were hooked in the iron hay rack. Loose hay had been flung around the goat’s stall as he attempted to free himself from his entrapment. The powerful animal had ripped the rack from it’s anchor as soon as his horns got tangled in the wrought iron bars.

Loki gingerly opened the door to the stall and slowly crept inside. He did to want to spook the already terrified beast. He straddled the goat and whispered “it’s ok boy, I’m here to help you. Just relax and I’ll get this thing off you as quick as I can.” The goat ceased his struggle as he felt Loki’s two powerful legs squeeze his barrel in order to immobilize him. The goat wasn’t an ordinary goat after all, he did belong to Thor, even then the caprine rolled his eyes nervously and let out a nervous bleat. A sheen of sweat moistened the pearlescent white coat that heaved with the exertion.

Loki placed one of his powerful hands between the imposing set of horns, and grasped the wrought iron rack with the other. He then, pushed and pulled simultaneously, freeing the goat from his entrapment.

The goat let out a bleat of appreciation, and winked at Loki. He then sprayed his shaggy yellowed beard with more acrid urine.

“So I guess you want to thank me properly?” Loki laughed. “Why not? It couldn’t hurt.” He shrugged as he shimmered into the form of a very fetching lady goat.

The Gods of Asgard noticed Loki’s absence in the halls that long winter. The mead barrels stayed fuller longer, and the warriors didn’t have to move him from the halls after last call. They knew he had a habit of disappearing for months, even years on end, so they didn’t think anything of it.

One day Huggin flew into Odin’s hall with the news of an eight legged goat kid born on Midgard. Odin summoned Thor to the throne and informed him of this latest development.

Both Gods shook their heads and placed their powerful palms to their faces.

Oh Loki….

Btw if you liked this story you might like my novel. Wild Hunt, it’s got Loki in it as well.


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  1. What a cute story! I had fun reading it.

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