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Please Support me in a worthy cause! ExtraLife4Kids

Dear Readers, I am going to share a little something with you, that you probably haven’t guessed yet. I am an avid video gamer. I’m also a parent. I’m not terribly athletic so running marathons isn’t really my thing. Not the get up and trot along in insane heat with a thousand other people who are doing the same thing, even if it’s for charity.

So, I give back in my own way. I have signed up yet again for the ExtraLife4Kids 24hr game a thon. That’s right, for 24hrs straight starting on October 25th, I will be playing Mech Warrior Online for twenty four (24) hours straight, with my game company, The Black Widow Company.

All money donated through my link will go directly to the IWK Grace Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, it is my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital. It’s all tax deductible, and it goes to a great cause.

As you know, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals take sick kids, regardless of their ability to pay. That’s where you, the donor comes in. You click the fancy link, and donate what you can. Then, you can tune in to my twitch stream, at on October25th and watch the show! It’s that simple!

So here is the link to donate!  Totally tax deductible and every penny goes towards the kids!

Thank you so much! You can also find the donation link in my blog’s sidebar.

Gods/God bless!

Can Polyamory Help Destroy Rape Culture? [re-post]

this is probably one of the most thoughtful blogposts I’ve read in a long time re: rape culture and how one might be able to at least curb it.

your passport to complaining

Comrade Tikva has penned a great piece for Elephant Journal [Which posted my review of the Movie Wanderlust]  If you want to see this article on EJ , with it’s links (and odd image) it’s here.  She also does a brilliant comic on polyamory.

Objectification is at the center of rape culture Objectification is at the center of rape culture

Many romances begin with wordless flirtation, stolen kisses and vague communication.
In a culture where disinterest is often interpreted as shyness or “playing hard to get,” men are encouraged to think women need to be skillfully interpreted and convinced, instead of taken at their word. Even the clearest “no” is still up for debate.

I’ve had men tell me I was “asking for it” by making eye contact with them on the street instead of averting my gaze. And when they discovered that my polite smile was not a request for sex, they reacted in outrage…

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Prayer for a Mercury Retrograde

This…so much this.

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Goddess, give me the strength and energy to survive

This Mercury Retrograde

Give me the patience of water wearing at a rock

The quick relentless energy of the red squirrel

The stick- to-it-veness of a lichen

The intelligence of the blue whale

The ability to rise from the mud of a lotus

The impassiveness when dealing with rude, stupid people of a redwood

The strength of an oak tree

The force when necessary of an octopus

And the ability to adapt of a chameleon.

Give me peace

Give me grace

Give me calmness in the face of exaggerated crisis mode

On the part of others

Let me be grounded

Let me be flexible

Let me have the ability to let things pass around me

And on to somewhere else

Goddess help me.

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A couple words from a Non-Reconstructionist

This…totally this. Tired of the religion pissing contest…..

Community Warning: Facebook Predator

Signal Boosting for great justice

Foxglove & Firmitas

I’ve spent the last 48 hours stewing and stunned over a situation that has come back from 2012… Pagans and Polytheists on Facebook, please be on the look-out for a man wishing to assume a female identity or woman in our community messaging you and wishing to talk about headcovering, clothing, or conversion. The situation may not be quite as innocent as it seems.

In August and early September of 2012, members of the all-female headcovering group Occulta Femina on Facebook were getting messaged by a member of the group who claimed to be a pre-transition trans-woman (Note: I am not attacking trans people. I am not saying this is because said person is trans, though I have my questions if that fact is true or not. What this person is doing has nothing to do with that, but uses it as an opening to start pulling you into this…

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