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Quadruple Garlic Soup

Yes’m you read that correctly. quadruple garlic soup.

Now, the ingredients might not be available for you all year round, so this is a seasonal dish, at least here it is. Here are the ingredients:

4-6 cups of chicken stock (or veggie if you are vegan)

1 bulb roasted garlic (cut top off, drizzle in evoo, wrap in foil, bake @350 for 1hr)

1 bulb of regular raw garlic (I use elephant garlic, the big cloves) roughly chopped

2 green garlic (remove top, remove bottom, peel outer layer. Chop roughly, chop some of the green bit too but not all, about halfway up)

2 cups of garlic scapes, chopped.

1/2 a large white onion, chopped.

6 pieces of bacon, chopped.

5 small-med new potatoes, peeled and cubed

Milk, dairy, soy, almond, whatever.

left to right, green garlic, garlic scapes, regular garlic

While your garlic is roasting, put your bacon in a medium sized sauce pan. Fry up until crispy. Remove from pan and drain:


Remove finished roasted garlic from the oven, it’ll look like this and smell perfect


Now, in the hot bacon fat, dump your chopped onion and cook until caramalized. Then add your regular garlic for a few Minutes until fragrant.

Put potatoes, and green garlic in the pot and add stock. Simmer until the potatoes are fork tender.


Blend using a stick blender (or a regular one if you don’t have a stick one and are feeling bold, return to pot after this step) while adding the roasted garlic and milk.

Add the finely chopped garlic scapes and bacon into the soup.

Simmer for another 5-10 minutes until flavours are married.


Voila, a soup that will cure what ails ya and keep all those pesky vampires away.

This kind of shit pisses me off:  Thousands of Women in India accused of Witchcraft

Excuse me for a minute

Alright, I’m done.  Sort of.  See, this kind of shit…this is.  Ugh I have no fucking words.  I need more caffeine or something. Wait no, I don’t.  Women in India already have a hard time as it is with all the rapes and the Eve Teasing and sexual violence, arranged marriages, chattel bullshit…now this?  FUCK just FUCK THEM.

When will the Indian people pull their heads out of their collective asses?  Really?  I’m not Hindu, but I do believe Those Gods/Goddesses do exist even though I do not personally worship Them and I hope Kali-Ma unleashes holy hell on all those bastards who think this is okay.

I hope Shiva in His infinite wisdom, just looks over at a pretty flower and ignores what She’s doing.

I really hope someone more eloquent in their anger can post something more, because right now I just want to go punch a wall or something.  This is just horrific.

So yeah, Witch Hunting is alive and well in parts of the globe.  In parts of Africa, there are the Witch Children.  (Correction:  According to my friend who lives in South Africa, there are witch hunts there as well, his words:  “Happens all the damn time. Some girl gets accused of black.magic and she gets lynched, or necklaced. As in a tyre full of petrol. Um that’s set on fire”)  (Note:  not all of Africa, because I know damn well Africa isn’t a country, but a rather huge continent filled with different countries, cultures and peoples) young kids, attacked, abused, burned and ostracized because some crazy ass missionary preacher says they’re witches.  This is mostly in Nigeria and Northern African areas, but there are isolated incidents in the equatorial regions and Sub-Saharan as well.  I  There’s the first video of 5, feel free to watch the rest by following the links in the video.

Seriously, how the FUCK is that acceptable?  I’m Pagan.  I live in a country that guarantees my human rights and freedoms regardless of religion, sexuality, gender, or creed.  I’m LUCKY I live in Canada.  This sort of oppression and superstitious bullshit is all over the world.  Yes, even down in the USA.

Here is one Pagan’s story of being outed in the “Bible Belt”  One story out of probably many out there.

So before I get accused of being anti-Christian, let me tell you this.  After the Roman Empire, when have pagans burned Christians alive?  When have Pagans outright drowned Christians to see if they were secretly Pagan?  When have we persecuted, and destroyed people of other faiths just because they didn’t think the same as us?  Please someone tell me because I can’t find a damn incident of it in the history books.  I don’t think Christ would approve of any of this bullshit to be honest, and I bet He facepalms and is like “Bro, I’m SO not with those people…” ever since religion in His name was started up.

The Old Ways are still valid.  The Gods of yore, before the Abrahamic religions swept up the world by storm, are still alive, we keep them alive.   Old Gods of Africa, the Middle East, Egypt, Europe, North America…They all live despite Christianity’s attempt to slaughter them along with their followers.



Ramblings. I made a comment in a group, thought I’d share

Odin has never been nasty to me. Lessons, and some of those lessons have been cruel, but never ever outright malicious for the sake of being malicious, same with Loki. I love Them with all my heart. Odin never wanted my fear. He never wanted my terror. He wanted my love. He got it. I don’t get the grandfather Odin….He manifests to me as Snake from Escape from New York, but with more grey in his hair…

Personal relationships with the Gods are just that. Personal. MY Odin isn’t the same as YOUR Odin. MY Loki isn’t the same as YOUR Loki. The Gods present themselves to us in the way they think WE need to see Them for our benefit. Sure there are common traits when UPG/Doxis align with everyone else and it’s like “WOAH coolies” But yeah…

I’m not what you would call a reconstructionist. The Lore has a place, but, the times are NOW, modern. We have the internet, we have cars, and trains and airplanes…We have plastics, and super light metals. The Traditions of Old are good and all, but bringing the Gods into the modern world will be a good thing. Hence why the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exactly a NEGATIVE thing. It has it’s place. It’s bringing at least the names back onto the people’s lips and into their hearts, where they can take root, and grow, spark the imaginations and grow their strength.

This is a blog from one of the ladies I hold in high esteem:…/embracing-marvel…/ It’s pretty well written and explains what I’m trying to explain.

Of course, my walk with the Gods is a very intimate one, much different than many of you.  Your walk is different than mine. Neither are wrong, just different. Different is not wrong.