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Black Bean and Corn Salsa

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Musings about Njord

This isn’t really a devotional. In a way it is, in a way it isn’t. Is calling for a devotional to Njord. This…is more like a musing, a doxa/UPG that came to me as I was meditating this morning.

Njord is the God of the Sea. The Sea, is the cradle of all life on this planet. It’s currents, along with the jet stream, are the engines that power the eco system in this tiny blue marble in the black cosmos. The cyanobacteria of the primordial nascent oceans synthesized the carbon dioxide in the violent atmosphere into oxygen. (source: among MANY btw) Primal life evolved in Njord’s watery embrace, to crawl hesitantly onto the rocky shores to populate the continents.

The currents, are the earth’s circulatory system. (source: among many ) They are what keep this climate’s temperature regulated. The “Lifestream” as it were.

The truth is, we only know a fraction of what our oceans contain, and are capable of. There are species yet to be discovered, terrain yet to be charted. Njord’s mysteries run deep.

The thing is, Njord isn’t just a God of Life. His bounties are drying up. Plastic, bits of things that are made from primarily of the corpses of His former denizens, (Plastic is made from oil, oil is made from fossil fuel, most of which are the fossils of dead marine life since it had quite a bit of biodiversity back in the pre-man period) are clogging up His kingdom. He is getting angry. He’s slow to anger, but when He does. He hits hard.

See, Njord is also a God of Death. This is part of my UPG, and feel free to discuss this, but hear me out. Njord’s halls hold those that He has claimed. The fishermen, the sailors, the pirates and the privateers. All those who have plied their way on His immense back, and have perished in His embrace, reside in His hall, Nóatún. The Valkyries and Freyja visit and take those chosen warriors, but those who have sunk into the deep, escape Niffelheim and set up with Njord, drinking grog, going on about the one that got away, among other things.

My family on my mother’s side are fishermen/fishwives. Recently, around two years ago I believe, our extended family suffered a loss. One of my cousins, and his father were out scallop fishing, their boat sunk without a trace. Their bodies never found. I take comfort knowing they’re in Nóatún. This is my Doxa. It’s not supported by Lore, and I know this, other than He, Freyr and Freyja are rulers of the Sacrifices. Makes sense really.

After Ragnarok, Njord is supposed to take over for Odin as the God of Sacrifices. Think about that. He demands sacrifice. Who is to say He doesn’t already have a hall of dead already?

Prayer For Loki

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What’s up with me?

I’ve noticed it’s been quite a while since I’ve made a personal post, so here it goes.

1: I had a job, possible chefs apprentice position at a local steak house. Well that closed about a month ago and I have not been paid. I got sick of being mrs nice lady so I went to the news. yup. Im there. Of course if I’m all discombobulated I have a valid excuse. I was literally one hour out of receiving surgery. So 1hr fresh off of general anesthetic, and on some narcotic pain killers, but I managed to pull it off.

2: oh yeah surgery. I had some really nasty periods. Anemia heavy bleeding and the like, so I decided to get a uterine ablation done. I’m still out of sorts btw,

3: see that link in the side bar for extra life? I’m still doing it. Please donate generously. Every dime goes towards the IWK in Halifax, my local Children’s Miracle network hospital. I will be playing mech warrior online, and twitch streaming it for 24hrs straight. Twitch to keep me honest. Heh I only have a $200 goal so please help me meet it? Thanks!

So that’s what’s been going on in Casa de me.