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My Stove Adventures.

Greetings Bloggy Readers. Welcome back to the latest installment of my life. This time around, you’ll be reading about my stove.

You’re about to hit the back button. Trust me, this is not me talking about cleaning it or anything. This is pretty frustrating actually.

On Tuesday, I wanted to make some home made bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers for my snack, to celebrate the new season of Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. I go to turn on the oven and I hear a loud POP, then the digital clock on the stove goes black. It’s dead, Jim. Luckily I didn’t start the prep on the poppers so I put everything back in the fridge.

Husband comes running around the corner asking “WTF was that?”

I heave a sigh and despondently reply, “The oven died. I don’t know how it happened. I just turned it on to preheat as usual and it went Pop! That’s it, with luck it could just be the fuse .”

So the Mister went downstairs to grab some tools as well to check the breaker box. He came back upstairs with his trusty screwdriver and pulled the oven out from it’s alcove under the range hood. He unscrewed the metal panel in the back of the range, and found the fuse.

It was intact. Wasn’t the fuse. We couldn’t find any burnt things, so we don’t know what happened. So we left it. He asked around the next day and one of his co-workers said it sounded like the transformer that popped. Great. That would cost more to repair than replacing the stove.

We tried one more thing though, we checked the outlet with a multimeter to see if it was alive or dead. No point in getting a new stove if the outlet is dead.

The Mister put the leads to the outlet. 240…120..120 It wasn’t the outlet.

We checked the balance on the credit plan we have at one of the local furniture and appliance stores. Enough money there, check. So we go on over.

We see this one oven. I’m drawn to it. It’s non-convection (bonus, because making bread in a convec is a PITA) It’s got a 10 year Warantee (winning because our old oven shit the bed after 9 years) It’s got Aqua clean “technology” (IE you can use steam to clean the oven! No harsh chemicals or crazy heating) Oh and it’s a glass top.

We looked at other ones but that one kept us. We got a sweet deal on it too. %30 off, and a great finance plan 0% interest 0 payments for 12 months. WINNING.

So, Loki came through for us. We got a sweet deal on a nice mid-range oven…and was able to pay for it without issue, with some left over in case our fridge dies or something.

Odin Handspun Ritual Cords at FiberWytch on Etsy!

I can’t wait to get mine!!!! ❤ ❤

Extra Life 4 Kids, almost a month away!

Hey Ya’ll! I’m just gonna post this little reminder and nudge and absolute beg and plea for my Extra Life Charity run.

On October 25th I will be playing, Mech Warrior Online, with my Team BWC to raise money for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

I can’t run marathons, my knees are too bad.

I can’t do much in the way of physical feats because of my arthritis.

But I can play games, for long periods of time, and I figure if I can sacrifice one day, ignoring my kids, ignoring my husband, ignoring EVERYTHING… to raise money for my local children’s hospital, it’s the least I can do.

So yeah, every penny that goes through this link goes DIRECTLY to the IWK Grace Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, my hospital of choice. Helping kids from all over, yes even from the USA.

Please please please support me in this worthwhile cause. It’ll mean a bunch to me.

A friendly little note to my audience

Another instance of people not abiding by the gospel of St. Fuapap. (Shut the fuck up and politely as possible) Nonoriel is also cool peeps. Really, WHY DO PEOPLE NEED TO PLAY UPG POLICE…seriously.

Seriously, if $Deity wants to tell $person XYZ, That God does NOT NEED YOU TO DO IT. They will find a way, don’t you worry.

So this, combined with Amber Drake’s post venting about someone saying Sigyn needs to vet Lokiwives…I’m just…going What The Actual Fuck Community Like Really…


Wow. people need to listen to the Gospel of St. Fuapap (Shut The Fuck Up, and Politely As Possible.)

Guys, Discernment is key. you don’t need validation from other people regarding your practice, you don’t need the UPG Cops knocking at your door telling you that UR DOIN IT WRONG. Just..tell them to go fuck themselves…it works.

❤ Amber. She's good peeps

Fire and Ink

It has come to my attention that someone (someones?) is telling Loki-wives that:

  • Sigyn has to approve of all of Loki’s mortal wives
  • A marriage to Loki is just a business contract
  • Sigyn is Loki’s True Wife and all of His mortal wives are just tools.

This is, frankly, complete and utter bullshit.
It seems designed to ruin a Loki-wife’s relationship with Himself, and it makes me really angry.

Loki is an independent Person/God with His own mind, He doesn’t need approval from Sigyn (or Angrboda) to marry a mortal.
Loki marries out of love. If it was just business, He would find another way to bind someone to Him.
Loki’s wives are not just tools. Some godspouses do Work for Him, but not all. You don’t have to be spiritworker or do community work to be a godpouse, nor do you have to be a godspouse to do community work or spiritwork.

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