Wow. people need to listen to the Gospel of St. Fuapap (Shut The Fuck Up, and Politely As Possible.)

Guys, Discernment is key. you don’t need validation from other people regarding your practice, you don’t need the UPG Cops knocking at your door telling you that UR DOIN IT WRONG. Just..tell them to go fuck themselves…it works.

❤ Amber. She's good peeps

Fire and Ink

It has come to my attention that someone (someones?) is telling Loki-wives that:

  • Sigyn has to approve of all of Loki’s mortal wives
  • A marriage to Loki is just a business contract
  • Sigyn is Loki’s True Wife and all of His mortal wives are just tools.

This is, frankly, complete and utter bullshit.
It seems designed to ruin a Loki-wife’s relationship with Himself, and it makes me really angry.

Loki is an independent Person/God with His own mind, He doesn’t need approval from Sigyn (or Angrboda) to marry a mortal.
Loki marries out of love. If it was just business, He would find another way to bind someone to Him.
Loki’s wives are not just tools. Some godspouses do Work for Him, but not all. You don’t have to be spiritworker or do community work to be a godpouse, nor do you have to be a godspouse to do community work or spiritwork.

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  1. Thank you for reblogging and kind words. 🙂

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