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Did You Know I have a Youtube Channel?

Yeah I usually keep that kind of think private but, hey I might as well show off my “Leet’ gaming skills. Heh

Click link, click subscribe please n thank you?  It’s like, about gaming and Mech Warrior and you’ll see Goat Simulator as well.  I’ll put up personal VLOG’s and stuff.  But yeah please please subscribe to it and thumbs up the vids. ❤

Thor and His wives

OMGZ I love these candles! They’re so pretty! Anyway this kinda sparked some thinky thoughts:

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about Thor the other day. How there was some people out there trying to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of Heathenry as a sign of Thor’s more esoteric powers and me getting a “Oh Hellz naw” vibe from Him. Somethings are too desecrated to reclaim. That is one. AAANYWAY this woman was offended how people just thought of Thor as a complete and utter simpleton because he’s more of a warrior than a scholar.

Thor is a brilliant military tactician and general. He has a very sound grasp of battlefield tactics and all sorts of good stuff. He’s quite a sweetheart as well. Everyone has different gifts and interests. One person might be brilliant at drawing, one at writing. Some are brilliant in ways that keep the artists and poets safe, such as making sure battles get won efficiently and with fewer casualties on their side as on the other. It doesn’t make someone any less brilliant if they excel in something you do not, or is not considered “important”

The world, both mundane and divine, needs many pieces. We all need farmers, fishermen, roughnecks, and welders. We need those people who work in Fast Food, and all that other stuff. Every position has value, but it isn’t treated as such, and that’s a shame.

I’m just rambling though. I’m just sick and tired of people looking down at someone because they don’t have the “accepted version” of what people view as “Intelligence” and “talent.” Ugh.

Super Duper Thinky Thoughts.

So, on Thursday I got a tattoo.  This is the tattoo, isn’t it purty?  10408624_734809429973125_8007216507536657391_n

Well it was.  Now it’s infected despite me taking really REALLY good care of it.  As in by the letter good.


Original design used with permission from:

Anyway, if you’ve noticed that wonderful serpent around Mjolnir, that is Jorgrumnd, the world serpent.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

What is an infection?  It’s just another type of venom coursing through ones veins when one acquires it.  Jorgrumund is *the* most venomous serpent in existence.  Now when I got this tattoo I did acknowledge Xis presence, I thanked Xer, and I knew that both Xe and Thor wanted this.  There is something that Xe wants me to acknowledge within MYSELF regarding liminality that I quite haven’t yet.

It’s not a gender thing.  I’m still quite firmly CIS.  I think I touched on it a while ago while discussing it with a friend of mine.  I’m pretty fluid when it comes to sexuality.

wait what?

Yeah, some days I feel like a nut, some days I don’t.  Some days I don’t want to have anything to do with sex, like completely ace, some days I want to bone all the consenting adult humans.

Maybe the correct term is Liminisexual? I don’t know.  Either way, by getting this tattoo I am not just bound to Thor Odinson, slayer of giants, protector of the world, I am also bound to Jorgrumund, world serpent, ruler of things in between.  I am bound to both of those who are slated to destroy each other.  I’m not a bride of Jorgrumund, I’ll be blatantly honest there.  It’s more of a….twin feeling?  But we aren’t siblings.  It’s something that is very hard to articulate but I know damn well it isn’t a love relationship, it’s not a servant relationship, it’s a relationship of equals.  Like we are equal parts?  But Loki isn’t my father.  Could be because we inhabit the same element or something totally convoluted and I need to really sit and grok this whole thing, either way, I’ve been connected to the world serpent in some way for quite some time I just never realized it until Xe licked me and  the whole venom thing.  Damnit Jorg You’re like a damn Gila monster. heh

Whereas my relationship with Thor is out of love and devotion.  My relationship to Thor is by choice.  Jorgrumund feels like it’s one that isn’t by choosing, almost like a relative, but if it was an “Inlaw/stepchild” relationship by virtue of my relationship to Loki, then that one is still by choice.  This..does NOT feel like that either.

So I’m bound to two entities that are bound to destroy each other or have already destroyed each other or are in the midst of destroying each other right now.  One I willingly chose, the other well I don’t know what’s going on but I’m kinda stuck trying to figure it out.  In the mean time, I’m just going to take my antibiotics and advil, eat my yogurt and go get rid of this stupid infection.

Maybe Jorgrumund will do the takesbacksies on the venom…that would be nice.  This shit is rather painful

Or you could say

My tattoo is pretty Thor.