Super Duper Thinky Thoughts.

So, on Thursday I got a tattoo.  This is the tattoo, isn’t it purty?  10408624_734809429973125_8007216507536657391_n

Well it was.  Now it’s infected despite me taking really REALLY good care of it.  As in by the letter good.


Original design used with permission from:

Anyway, if you’ve noticed that wonderful serpent around Mjolnir, that is Jorgrumnd, the world serpent.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

What is an infection?  It’s just another type of venom coursing through ones veins when one acquires it.  Jorgrumund is *the* most venomous serpent in existence.  Now when I got this tattoo I did acknowledge Xis presence, I thanked Xer, and I knew that both Xe and Thor wanted this.  There is something that Xe wants me to acknowledge within MYSELF regarding liminality that I quite haven’t yet.

It’s not a gender thing.  I’m still quite firmly CIS.  I think I touched on it a while ago while discussing it with a friend of mine.  I’m pretty fluid when it comes to sexuality.

wait what?

Yeah, some days I feel like a nut, some days I don’t.  Some days I don’t want to have anything to do with sex, like completely ace, some days I want to bone all the consenting adult humans.

Maybe the correct term is Liminisexual? I don’t know.  Either way, by getting this tattoo I am not just bound to Thor Odinson, slayer of giants, protector of the world, I am also bound to Jorgrumund, world serpent, ruler of things in between.  I am bound to both of those who are slated to destroy each other.  I’m not a bride of Jorgrumund, I’ll be blatantly honest there.  It’s more of a….twin feeling?  But we aren’t siblings.  It’s something that is very hard to articulate but I know damn well it isn’t a love relationship, it’s not a servant relationship, it’s a relationship of equals.  Like we are equal parts?  But Loki isn’t my father.  Could be because we inhabit the same element or something totally convoluted and I need to really sit and grok this whole thing, either way, I’ve been connected to the world serpent in some way for quite some time I just never realized it until Xe licked me and  the whole venom thing.  Damnit Jorg You’re like a damn Gila monster. heh

Whereas my relationship with Thor is out of love and devotion.  My relationship to Thor is by choice.  Jorgrumund feels like it’s one that isn’t by choosing, almost like a relative, but if it was an “Inlaw/stepchild” relationship by virtue of my relationship to Loki, then that one is still by choice.  This..does NOT feel like that either.

So I’m bound to two entities that are bound to destroy each other or have already destroyed each other or are in the midst of destroying each other right now.  One I willingly chose, the other well I don’t know what’s going on but I’m kinda stuck trying to figure it out.  In the mean time, I’m just going to take my antibiotics and advil, eat my yogurt and go get rid of this stupid infection.

Maybe Jorgrumund will do the takesbacksies on the venom…that would be nice.  This shit is rather painful

Or you could say

My tattoo is pretty Thor.


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  1. Nornoriel Lokason

    Thinky thoughts: Most people fall within the grey area of bisexual, whether they acknowledge this or not. I’m a Kinsey 5, which is defined as “predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual” – I identify as gay because I overwhelmingly prefer men, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t occasionally go “unf” at a woman, and I’ve had sexual experience with a few women. (#themoreyouknow) Sexual orientation is a lot more fluid than people realize, and it can change given time. There was a time when I was a Kinsey 3 and considered myself “an equal opportunity lech”, but over the last couple of years I’ve gone more towards the gay male side. I also know people who were bisexual and became more straight as time went on. I don’t think it’s possible for a gay person to be converted to heterosexuality, nothing like that, but I think sexual orientation can be bendy, is what I’m saying.

    This also extends itself to the spectrum of asexuality. I identify personally as grey-ace. In terms of sex with humans, I’m pretty much uninterested in that at this stage of the game (though I will never say never), meanwhile I am pretty sexually active with my fiancee and a couple other non-corporeals, and am a bit of a horndog in that department. Ten years ago, I was very much SHAG ALL THE THINGS and had a number of wild experiences, this side of the fence. These days, I’m more demisexual (in other words, I need to have an emotional connection to get it up for someone, for the most part, these days; there have been exceptions to that too).

    It is possible to be in the grey area of asexual, and also in the grey area of bisexual, at the same time. It is also possible to experience a bit of gender-fluidity even if someone is strongly one gender, because gender orientation and gender expression are two different things – I’m a guy, but I deliberately look somewhat androgynous, and I am a femme, flamboyant guy who likes wearing nail polish and lace (Prince, Johnny Weir, Adam Lambert, and Jareth are all style icons). I sometimes wonder if Thor felt pretty when he put on that dress. That sort of thing.

    Tl;dr y orientationz so complicaetd?! People are complicated.

    As far as Thor v. Jormundgand – yeah I find that interesting. I do get what you’re saying about the twin thing even though you’re not siblings. Sometimes people strongly resonate with other people, including astrals – like D might as well be my twin, even though he and I are not blood siblings, he and I are so much alike and on the same wavelength. There’s a shared space or element there. And when a person has entities in their lives who are polar opposites, it can be uncomfortable at times to be caught between them (D and Asmodai are almost diametrically opposed in some of their spheres of influence and values).

    I hope the infection clears up soon. ❤

    • Thank you ❤ I've just taken my third Keflex and it's looking less red and angry. They are working faster than expected, but I'm not complaining and I will take the full 7 day course just because antibiotic resistance is nothing to fuck with. Also next half sleeve will be done in shorter sittings.

      I'l definitely ponder more on what you posted. The whole sexuality thing is what tossed me for a loop. I'm actually in a "Classically accepted relationship" IE Mono CIS-Het relationship. So I guess society's refusal to accept that people like me can be content in a monogamous relationship makes them go all *simple dog*

      I think this whole infection thing was a heads up from Jorgumnd, not in a "You're my bitch." kind of way but a "Hey, just like it linked you to Thor, you're linked to Me too." almost heard the word "Again" from that but it was almost bit off. Xe can be pretty difficult to comprehend sometimes.

      Luckily I listened to my instinct and caught the infection when it began so it wouldn't ruin the ink too badly. Now let's hope the antibiotics start working. heh

  2. Nornoriel p much covered the stuff I was starting to formulate as I read your message. Just replace “shared space or element” with “you embody a fractal/aspect that xe also embodies, like you’re on an (or more than one) archetypal frequency with xer”..

    If you believe in any realms supra to xis realm, the fractals/aspects/archetypes could have emmanated to xis realm and coalesced at xis conception. And then the same spoop emanated to our realm and coalesced into you.

    Also, I decided not to use capitalized pronouns bc, just like I won’t do it for Yahweh, I reserve that linguistic/semiotic devotion to only deities for whom I’m a contractor. No disrespect, it’s just part of my LHP practice of non-obligation.

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