Monthly Archives: November 2015

Something totally depressing:

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life.  I’m one of those Canadians who happen to be descended from the European Colonists.  The first time I’ve learned *anything* about the people who’ve been living here since before my ancestors showed up was a week long class in social studies when I was in elementary school about the Haida.  What that class covered was a trip to the museum, learning about what they ate pre-colonialism, about their totem poles (but not the symbolism behind them) and their houses.  That’s all I took home from it.

What sparked this?  Well it was Loki’s Bruid’s post about female sovereignty and how it’s been erased throughout history.  I remembered a blurb about the Six Nations Confederacy and how they used to be matriarchal before the colonists came and either wiped them out or forcibly converted them via residential schools and threats.

Do you know where I learned this from?  Assassin’s Creed 3.  Pretty fucking sad huh?  Now before you ask “Well how do you know that’s factual?”  Ubisoft got members of the Iroquois Nation in on their development team for this game.  Iroquois voice actors, the Iroquois language in that game is spoken by real Iroquois.  They consulted with the elders, they got the facts from the Iroquois nation leaders, so props to Ubisoft for that, they helped preserve bits of history from a culture that the colonial government is still trying to erase.

Honestly it’s sad, and I have no idea how to fix it, other than getting First Nations teachers in the classroom and teaching kids from early on.