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Ramblings. I made a comment in a group, thought I’d share

Odin has never been nasty to me. Lessons, and some of those lessons have been cruel, but never ever outright malicious for the sake of being malicious, same with Loki. I love Them with all my heart. Odin never wanted my fear. He never wanted my terror. He wanted my love. He got it. I don’t get the grandfather Odin….He manifests to me as Snake from Escape from New York, but with more grey in his hair…

Personal relationships with the Gods are just that. Personal. MY Odin isn’t the same as YOUR Odin. MY Loki isn’t the same as YOUR Loki. The Gods present themselves to us in the way they think WE need to see Them for our benefit. Sure there are common traits when UPG/Doxis align with everyone else and it’s like “WOAH coolies” But yeah…

I’m not what you would call a reconstructionist. The Lore has a place, but, the times are NOW, modern. We have the internet, we have cars, and trains and airplanes…We have plastics, and super light metals. The Traditions of Old are good and all, but bringing the Gods into the modern world will be a good thing. Hence why the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exactly a NEGATIVE thing. It has it’s place. It’s bringing at least the names back onto the people’s lips and into their hearts, where they can take root, and grow, spark the imaginations and grow their strength.

This is a blog from one of the ladies I hold in high esteem:…/embracing-marvel…/ It’s pretty well written and explains what I’m trying to explain.

Of course, my walk with the Gods is a very intimate one, much different than many of you.  Your walk is different than mine. Neither are wrong, just different. Different is not wrong.

Spoiled brat.

We are expecting a real nasty blizzard tomorrow, hurricane force winds and over two feet of snow. Hi spring? Ok Skadi you can go back to your mountains now, we’re good for the year.

So, I was at the dollar store buying some candles and food items we can easily heat up using our fondue set, stews, soups, mister noodles, stuff like that. Well I noticed we needed a BBQ lighter. I looked around the entire store after picking up some emergency votives, and couldn’t find it to save my life.

Every time I walked past the candle aisle I smelled red velvet cake. I looked at the pretty candles, and one practically fell on my head.

Red velvet cake scented candle. Once I picked it up a helpful lady came by to point me in the direction of the BBQ lighters. I guess Loki wanted a red velvet cupcake scented candle. He got it.


Interesting chat

On Facebook, one of my cousins shared a gofundme for a mother of two who passed on from encephalitis. Loki kinda looked at me and said:

“You know, you should stop fighting the mortal about the insurance thing”

Me: “really? I don’t bring anything g in financially, it would just be for the funeral, after that he would be …”

Him: “shut it. Stop devaluing yourself”

Me: “ok, what was the weregild for a slain mother”

Odin: “quite a bit, usually more than what her husbands would be, and more often than not, it was bloodgeld”

So that’s my UPG….

Guess I need to go “ok let’s go to SISIP and get it sorted”. Bah.

According to the Godphone flow chart this is probably legit because it goes against the stubborn self devaluing pity party I usually have.

What defines a “devotional relationship” with a God or Goddess?

I have been told by some people that one cannot ( or should not) do (insert Thing here) if one does not have a devotional relationship with said God or Goddess. That has always confused me. Why? You may ask. Pretty simple. All my models for a “devotional relationship” with the Divine, is through the Protestant or Catholic Judeo Christian model, and to be frank, my relationship with my Gods, is definitely not like that at all.

I don’t sing hymns, I don’t say prayers. I go “morning! What’s up? Here’s Your coffee.” I chat with Them throughout my day, and once a day I go and meditate. If They ask me to do something, I do my best to fulfil the request, but, the whole dynamic does NOT feel like the Judeo Christian model of devotion worship that I have been modelled my entire life, heck I don’t read reference materials that often. I know the gist of the Eddas and lore, but the in depth study of various translations? Nope, not for me and I don’t feel particularly called to do so.

I don’t fast for my Gods either. Actually I have been expressly forbidden by both Loki and Odin to do so. I don’t know why, They have Their Reasons and I’m just gonna go “okay boss” and not entertain that youth ever again.

I keep going to the Judeo Christian reference, let me clear it up. The model I’m familiar with for devotion is, going to church 1-3 times a week, group bible study once a week, nightly bible readings, prayer, rinse and repeat. There is Lent starting today, so the hordes of faithful are evaluating and going through things to give up for lent to show their devotion. Both Protestant and Catholics do this.

I figure that my house hasn’t burnt down and I haven’t been killed in a horrific bloody and spectacular way, I’m still doing it right. Odin told me today that what we have (Loki, Him and I) goes a little bit deeper than a purely devotional practice. I think I’ll take His word on it and leave it at that.

Moar mead!!!!

So yesterday I picked up some more fixings to make mead. I use that method because 1: it’s cheap and 2: it doesn’t require a carboy or any special equipment.

This time instead of using oranges I put some apples and cranberries, and tossed in some cinnamon, cloves and a hit of caraway.

Odin blessed it by saying “May it kick like Sleipnir and bite like Fenrir” and gave me a hug. I think He likes it when I make booze lol. Loki was all “yaaaay. This is gonna get you fucked UP!!!!”


So there it is. Making mead is devotional, cooking is devotional, doing the mundane to the best of ones abilities pleases the Gods, even if you don’t have a Godphone that has good reception if any at all.

We will remember them


Words for Remembrance Day – the words of
Laurence Binyon.

They shall grow not old
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

From Laurence Binyon’s poem For the Fallen, written in September 1914

(The full poem, For the Fallen, is printed in both Minds at War and Out of the Dark. Binyon’s poem Now in thy Splendour is also printed in Minds at War.)

Yesterday was very busy here which is why I am blogging about this today, instead of yesterday, when Veterans Day / Rememberance day actually happened.

See, I come from a long line of warriors and am married to a man with a similar lineage, who also happens to be a warrior, so this day has some real deep meaning in this house.

My great grandfather on my maternal grandmothers side, fought in World War 1. I didn’t know the man, just know he was a fisherman on White Head island in the Bay of Fundy. He came back, which is obvious since I’m here and all. I know my great grandma myrtle was very cross with him when he died because she used to curse a blue streak at him every so often.

My maternal grandfather fought in World War 2. He was in the first allied wave to hit Juno Beach on D-day. His unit was charged with taking the midline, the deadliest section of the beach. He too managed to come home. Not unscathed mind you.

During the Rememberence Day ceremony at the Royal Canadian Legion, Odin drowned out most of the sermon with His own. All warriors make a sacrifice when they choose to serve. Every last one of them. Some sacrifice their lives, some sacrifice their sanity, as in the case with my grandfather and my husband’s best friend, both came back with severe PTSD from their respective tours. Some sacrifice limbs, others sacrifice their fellow brothers and sisters in arms. All of them sacrifice time. Time from their loved ones. Years they will never get back. Baby’s first steps, a beloved anniversary, and much much more. All warriors sacrifice this even if they do not go off to fight, for the military can send them wherever for training and to live. Time is precious to us, so sacrificing it, for the good of the nation, is one of the deepest and least recognized sacrifice a soldier can make.

During the Roll Call for the Honour Roll (list of honoured dead held by each Legion) I heard the thump of spear butts on the floor followed by a loud “Hail!” As each name was read off. It was a very moving and surreal experience that only I was privy to in that hall. I doubt anyone else but I was capable of hearing it.

Last night I poured my ancestors and myself some Mead and spent some time with my husband. Never know how much of that he has left.

Now I know why the local spirits around my area have been going nuts

Jerks kill super-rare albino moose | Grist.


Miq’maq spirit animal.  Killed by moronic white hunters.  I’m not trying to make this about race, but fuck sakes people.


I’m gonna crawl back under a rock now.

Door-to-Door Prosletyzing – Born Again Pagan Cartoons

I love this.  I love this so much I want to have it’s babies.


Door-to-Door Prosletyzing – Born Again Pagan Cartoons.

Spirit Raven/White Raven.

Among the First Nations people of the West coast, a white raven is a sacred animal, known as the Spirit Raven.  Ravens are sacred to me as well, but because of Odin.  I always have a vision that he has one White raven and one black one…because of the sacredness of the spirit raven, it just seems fitting that one of His ravens would be that way as well.

I hope this doesn’t make me a Misappropriating asshole

Spirit Raven

via Wat? • Among the First Nations people of the West coast,….

Whirlwind Wodensday (that was yesterday I know)

As you could probably tell from my last entry, Odin has been poking around my life lately. It being the Hunting season, and me writing a book about The Hunt and well He’s in it and well, I did ask him for help that one time for my enrolment exam for the Canadian Military Reserves, yeah ok not surprised face….

Loki is pretty chill with Odin being around, I guess They share and it’s cool.

I think Frank will like Odin being here. He likes a meticulous house, and no nasty negative self talk (read previous post for the fallout on THAT) for a start. On the other hand, when Odin wants something done, it gets done no matter what. No excuses.

Point in case, this torc I made as per Odin’s instructions and request


I didn’t have the silver or gold wire to complete it, but Odin would have none of it, so I drove 45mins to Michaels craft store to buy the required materials, since all my local stores either had none in the right gauge or were closed. See what I’m getting at?

Anyway He wanted the same ritual as I gave His Brother Loki. Okie dokie Boss.. I was fully expecting a brain melting wrath of Odin complete with smitey smiteness. I was wrong.

It was completely the opposite of what I was expecting. I mean, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around some of the stuff. I had a rather in depth study of the rune Ehwaz last night and the many meanings behind it, how it looks like two Laguz runes, one flipped over, and holding hands turning into one. I know some of y’all have been doing this for years but I’m still a newbie and this was rather deep. Heh

I also bought Odin a single serving bottle of 90proof spiced whiskey. When He was done He was like, ok, your turn down the hatch. I took a small sip to brace myself and was like *coughcoughsputter* naw dude, I can’t, I bitch out” and He laughed and said to offer it to a tree or something.

I guess making Him smile is a gift.