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Extra Life 4 Kids, almost a month away!

Hey Ya’ll! I’m just gonna post this little reminder and nudge and absolute beg and plea for my Extra Life Charity run.

On October 25th I will be playing, Mech Warrior Online, with my Team BWC to raise money for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

I can’t run marathons, my knees are too bad.

I can’t do much in the way of physical feats because of my arthritis.

But I can play games, for long periods of time, and I figure if I can sacrifice one day, ignoring my kids, ignoring my husband, ignoring EVERYTHING… to raise money for my local children’s hospital, it’s the least I can do.

So yeah, every penny that goes through this link goes DIRECTLY to the IWK Grace Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, my hospital of choice. Helping kids from all over, yes even from the USA.

Please please please support me in this worthwhile cause. It’ll mean a bunch to me.

Please Support me in a worthy cause! ExtraLife4Kids

Dear Readers, I am going to share a little something with you, that you probably haven’t guessed yet. I am an avid video gamer. I’m also a parent. I’m not terribly athletic so running marathons isn’t really my thing. Not the get up and trot along in insane heat with a thousand other people who are doing the same thing, even if it’s for charity.

So, I give back in my own way. I have signed up yet again for the ExtraLife4Kids 24hr game a thon. That’s right, for 24hrs straight starting on October 25th, I will be playing Mech Warrior Online for twenty four (24) hours straight, with my game company, The Black Widow Company.

All money donated through my link will go directly to the IWK Grace Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, it is my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital. It’s all tax deductible, and it goes to a great cause.

As you know, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals take sick kids, regardless of their ability to pay. That’s where you, the donor comes in. You click the fancy link, and donate what you can. Then, you can tune in to my twitch stream, at on October25th and watch the show! It’s that simple!

So here is the link to donate!  Totally tax deductible and every penny goes towards the kids!

Thank you so much! You can also find the donation link in my blog’s sidebar.

Gods/God bless!

Charity Donation Thingie

Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids. – DonorDrive®.


That is my donor link.  On November 2nd I’m gonna be playing Mech Warrior Online for 24hrs straight to benefit my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, the IWK Health foundation.

Please help support me in this worthy cause by clicking the link and tossing a donation my way.


ALL money donated through that link goes directly to the IWK Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I think this hospital also serves Maine, as well.

Anyway, here.

24hr Game A Thon to benefit kids!

Hi, I’m gonna be playing Star Trek Online for 24hrs straight to raise money on behalf of the IWK Grace Childrens Hospital in Halifax NS.  My local Sick Kids Hospital.

This is my second year running this.  All proceeds donated will go directly to the IWK Hospital.  I don’t see a dime.  I’m gonna plunk my butt in front of my computer for 24hrs, load up on junk food and Monster Energy drinks, and play..for 24hrs.  For charity.

So please support this worthy cause.  Thanks!  There’s the link to the facebook event btw.  The link to donate is there too.

The "Gamer" or "Video Game" Stigma

You know, The more I think about it, the more I realize that, Extra Life is a way for non-athletes, those of us with physical limitations who can’t run marathons, or triathalons, to raise money for a very good cause.

 Just because we aren’t running our butts off in a physical means, doesn’t mean we aren’t pushing ourselves to the limits of our endurance for the cause, to raise money and awareness for the cause we are passionate in. We are Gamers, We are Heroes, we are members of society. We game, it’s what we do well. Just like marathon runners. So, when someone approaches you with an Extra Life link, it’s legit. It’s a legitimate way to raise money for Children’s Hospitals across North America. If you have questions about it, email your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital directly and ask them.

At around 6am I was literally TREMBLING From exhaustion. I mean I was pushing my limits as a human being to keep a commitment to my donors. 

I tried to be a hero for the local kids. I hope I made a difference in my own way.

Anyway this is how I logged off at the end of my 24hr City of Heroes run.  We had a Milliyun Tiny Pepsimen March earlier in the evening to honour one of our most iconic players on the server, Pepsiman.  His incredible sense of humour, wit, and silliness is one the things that makes Guardian such a great place to be.  I rolled there because it was at the top of the list,  I stayed there because of the friendly people.

I do hope this game gets saved.  I really enjoyed my 24hr stint of madness for Extra Life Charities.  I hope I can run with the same people again next year.  NCsoft, please sell the IP…This community does things like this regularly. If you split us up…you divide the good we can do together.
All together for Extra Life, we raised  Over $8500 !!!!! For the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!  That is PHENOMENAL considering how small our community is compared to that of Reddit.  That’s quite a bit of change.  
So destroying our world, also divides the amount of good we can do. 😦  Please…please if you haven’t yet,  go over to  The Titan Network  and get involved in one of the many “Calls To Action” TonyV, and the rest of the community, has going on.
Thank you.

Livestream NOW

Playing City of Heroes for 24hrs to benefit the IWK Grace foundation, my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

I’m livestreaming HERE:


You can sponsor me here:


So there you go.  Proof that I”m doing this.