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Please Vote for Floofers!

Floofers is one of my guinea pigs.  I entered her in the “Cutest Pet” contest at my local pet food store.  Pretty much how you vote is, you click the link, “Like” the page, Type “VOTE” in the comment box on Floofer’s picture, and if you want you can “unlike” the page once you’re done, if you want to keep liking it that’s cool too.

Floofers is a rescue Piggy.  I got her from a family down in Yarmouth who couldn’t take care of her properly due to allergies, so when I got her she was all matted up, and I had to take her to a groomers to get her all unknotted and stuff.  She’s a happy little girl and gets along well with her cagemate, Chuzzle.  

She likes Carrots and long snuggles on the couch.  She’s so well mannered that she will tell you when she needs to go to the bathroom so you can set her on an appropriate bathroom spot. 

So please spare a vote? That’d be great. ❤

My Daughter’s 10th Birthday

I try  not to Mommy Blog, I really try not to,  but this is just one of those “Too Awesome” things to not share.  Ya’ll can just not bother reading this or watching this I don’t care.

See, my daughter has Aspergers/Autism.  She’s verbal, she just has the whole “Social Issues” kids with it have.

She also has obsessions.  Or rather, single focused interests.  That’s a more diplomatic way of putting it.  Her kick right now, is Pokemon.  I love pokemon as well (no Mudkipz plz)

Well a couple of weeks ago,  we all came down with this nasty stomach bug.  We knew that the 3DS XL Pikachu edition would be coming out on the 24th of March.  Well I sent my husband to Walmart on that day, because we were sick, to get us some gravol (anti-nausiant for you American people) and some Pepto Bismol to ease our suffering.  He went to the electronics aisle, and saw a Pikachu edition 3DS.

He bought it.  For my daughter.  She’s been wanting a 3DS FOR..EV..ER  I mean FOREVER.  This, was the only ONE in our town.  The girl *just* put it out in the display case.  That’s how limited edition it is.

My daughter’s 10th birthday was yesterday, but we waited until today to give her her presents, because that’s when my parents were going to be coming down.

This was the result:

Please don’t mind the messy living room.  lol