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Random rant…kindof

Ok, I had a picture come across my Facebook news feed earlier today. Note: I don’t know the artist, and if I did, I would most certainly attribute. Now, if anyone knows it, feel free to comment.

Anyway this beautiful piece of artwork came across my news feed:

Michael C Hayes. DeviantArt link here:

Now the person who posted it up, said it was Athena. Now, I’m not Hellene. My husband is, and Athena is the goddess he follows. So She is poking around a bit. We don’t cross paths. A how you doing here and there and I burn an oil lamp for Her while my husband is deployed, stuff like that. Just basic respect.

Anyway when I saw this picture and read the text, the wash of “Offended” hit me. Yup, Athena seemed offended. The vibe I got was: “I can get past the sword and shield inaccuracies, but the half naked impractical fantasy armor, and wings…no. Not accurate in the slightest”. Then I got a vision of an owl. She has an owl to do her flying for her.

The whole thing reminded me of something I read in a book called Drawing Down The Spirits a book about possessory work. A priestess was doing a ritual, while sky clad, and drew down Athena. Athena was rightfully angry because she is never unclothed or even semi clothed. Even back in the day her statues were always freshly clothed in fine linens every day.

I guess what I’m getting at is, research a bit about the deity in question before doing up artwork and such. It’s just a part of basic respect for the deity in question.

The Violent Side of Fat Shaming & Denying Body Acceptance

This is the heartbreaking story of a woman who was so fat shamed throughout her entire life, that she went through gastric bypass surgery, almost losing her life to complications.  This is sad.



The Violent Side of Fat Shaming & Denying Body Acceptance.