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STILL STUCK! Writing Writing..*sigh*

Ok, I’ve started a novel series in November, for NaNo.  Well..It kinda petered out with life, first the spouse broke his leg, then, the holidays, then more piles of crap put on more piles of crap and eventually I’m here.  I need to get going somehow.  I’ve re-read what I have going on and still need to get my write on.  The concept itself is brilliant. (I think anyway, of course this is my blog and I’ll toot my own horn if I want to! 😛 )  It’s a Sci-Fi/Fantasy type deal, a twist of Pern, a twist of Star-Wars, a twist of My Own Design. *nodnod*  with a few nods here and there to the City of Heroes/Villains community.  (I MISS THAT GAME)  There is also a nod to Star-Trek in there as well…or there will be.  ANYWAY…it’s still in it’s infancy.  There’s no outright Sexy Tiems in it…I don’t know if Loki will show up, in any way..if He does, He will find a way to wedge Himself in I know it.

I’m loathe to share my concept on here because it’s such a public domain and I don’t want someone who’s a faster writer scooping me. heh.  So if you wanna know, you know how to get in touch with me and I’ll share.  If you don’t, then stay tuned for updates.  

I guess I’ll get my write on as part of this whole “Month for Loki” deal that’s going on. ❤  Writing writing writing.  I just need to get off my ass, harness my brain and git er dun.  

BTW It’ll be a series of 3 novels, I hope.  I plan on self publishing through the Kindle Store, or whatever “Free” service there is.

So there you have it, that will be my contribution to the Month of Loki.  That and cooking. I just need to see if Loki will babysit my kids..wait that wouldn’t be a great idea..OY!