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Thor’s Day tomorrow

Ok, on the heels of my last post, I figure tomorrow, I’ll set Thor out an offering with a plea to keep the rain and clouds away from mom’s on Monday.  It can’t hurt.  A heartfelt appeal and all that.  I picked up a tin of mustard sardines since it was suggested to me He wanted fish.  

Seafood in general is a no no in this house due to really bad food allergies.  Both my son and spouse are deathly allergic to all shellfish, and have nasty reactions to other fish, other than tuna or salmon.  

Anyway, the reasoning behind the mustard sardines, Brunswick brand at that, was, they were my grandfather’s favorite thing to eat.  He absolutely LOVED them.  Grossed me right out, but there’s a sentimental aspect to the offering.

See, my grandpa was a WW2 Vet.  He was one of the first ones storming up the beaches of Normandy.  Right up the middle of Juno.  He didn’t say much about what he went through, but that was ok.  I remember he served me Captain Crunch once, WITH SUGAR ON IT! (as a little kid that was like EPIC)  The time he lived with us, he went out to cut a Christmas tree.  It fell on him, but he was ok!  It was a HUGE tree.  I think it was one of the absolutely most gorgeous trees we have ever had.  That year, mom and my aunt made home made candies, we feasted on roast moose, and rabbit.  Tons of food, homemade goodies, it was awesome.  One of my most cherished memories of that place, and my grandfather was a part of it, and I’m glad of it.

So that one can of sardines brought up some pretty good memories.  Heh.  I remember seeing the Doctor Who episode “The Rings of Akhenaten”  and the core message kinda stuck.

So that humble can of sardines, all the memories I have of my grandfather.  Sure it’s not the potential of what will be, but, I can hope He accepts the offering and cancels the rain on Monday.

Or I could be totally off base on how Thor works and I’ll get hit by a bolt of lightning.  Who knows! heh.