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The Violent Side of Fat Shaming & Denying Body Acceptance

This is the heartbreaking story of a woman who was so fat shamed throughout her entire life, that she went through gastric bypass surgery, almost losing her life to complications.  This is sad.



The Violent Side of Fat Shaming & Denying Body Acceptance.

I have really nothing to say.

The Boston Marathon bombings made me sad, and angry.  Twitter needs to shut up about the whole speculation as to who did it.
They’ll find out eventually because someone who wants to create that much carnage has to be a grade A attention whore.
Until then, Here’s a funny video that will make you go WTF in a good way

Not taking away the seriousness of the event.  I’m just trying to distract all the speculators and “False Flag” people with a funny shiny.

Good bye old friend

Last night was the very last night of City of Heroes.  I missed the grand finale because I needed to be up today to get my daughter to her Lego Robot competition.  As always, my friends were disappointed, but, understanding, when I couldn’t show up for something.  That was the most awesome thing about this community.  If you couldn’t make something due to life, they understood and didn’t guilt you.  They might have joshed around with you a bit, but they did understand.

I’m going to miss the game.  I didn’t play much after the Extra Life thing, and I know that. I do regret it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to visit my dying friend.  I said my goodbyes last night in my own way.  I hate goodbyes.  I hate repeats.

I have faith that whatever Titan Network has planned as a spiritual successor, will be absolutely beautiful, or, if Disney does manage to pry the IP out of NCsoft’s cold greedy soulless hands, then I hope my characters will be restored.  If not, I have them committed to memory.

Kahlan Raynes.  My Elec/Kinetic Corruptor.  Married in game to my husband’s Mercs/FF MM Alpha-One/Alec Raynes.

Gabriella Di Inferno  My Mace/Elec brute.  The Rikti Destroying Machine.  Jawbreaker looks like she’s smashing nads since she’s tiny.

Sharp Pointy Stik.  My Arch/TA Corr.  Ran an All TA ITF spearheaded by her, and we won.

o.0  My bane.

I didn’t screenie all of them..I should have but I guess I didn’t. One other stupid thing I guess..wishful thinking? I dunno.  I was just really attached to Kahlan though

Oh Rogue Ivy, my plant/thorn Dom.  My flagship Villain.

Terrana Nightside, my Emp-Psi defender…another flagship homage since both my flagship toons were on my husbands account.

Sybil Nightside, my first ever 50, when I shared my husbands account.

The role call is long…and sad…all those “lives” snuffed out with a careless flick of a switch.