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Did You Know I have a Youtube Channel?

Yeah I usually keep that kind of think private but, hey I might as well show off my “Leet’ gaming skills. Heh

Click link, click subscribe please n thank you?  It’s like, about gaming and Mech Warrior and you’ll see Goat Simulator as well.  I’ll put up personal VLOG’s and stuff.  But yeah please please subscribe to it and thumbs up the vids. ❤

Extra Life 4 Kids, almost a month away!

Hey Ya’ll! I’m just gonna post this little reminder and nudge and absolute beg and plea for my Extra Life Charity run.

On October 25th I will be playing, Mech Warrior Online, with my Team BWC to raise money for my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

I can’t run marathons, my knees are too bad.

I can’t do much in the way of physical feats because of my arthritis.

But I can play games, for long periods of time, and I figure if I can sacrifice one day, ignoring my kids, ignoring my husband, ignoring EVERYTHING… to raise money for my local children’s hospital, it’s the least I can do.

So yeah, every penny that goes through this link goes DIRECTLY to the IWK Grace Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia, my hospital of choice. Helping kids from all over, yes even from the USA.

Please please please support me in this worthwhile cause. It’ll mean a bunch to me.

Charity Donation Thingie

Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids. – DonorDrive®.


That is my donor link.  On November 2nd I’m gonna be playing Mech Warrior Online for 24hrs straight to benefit my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, the IWK Health foundation.

Please help support me in this worthy cause by clicking the link and tossing a donation my way.


ALL money donated through that link goes directly to the IWK Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I think this hospital also serves Maine, as well.

Anyway, here.