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Holy shitballs, this really works!

Ok, I’m usually not one to fall for those “As Seen On TV” Products, you know the ones, the whole “THIS IS AMAZEBALLS AND OWNS THE PLANET” type commercials.  Like, Shticky, or those commercials that are like “Call within the next ten minutes and we’ll DOUBLE YOUR ORDER” , those kinds


Well, There’s one actual product out there, that you see on TV, and it really does work as advertised.


That.  I’m not shitting you.  I saw one at Walmart and I’m like “Meh, if it doesn’t work I’ll just give it to my daughter.” So I picked it up.

It’s the greeny/yellow one for “Normal Hair.

First off, I’ll let you in on a secret.  My hair is waist length.  I have not had any form of hair cut for like, years, seriously, seven I’m thinking.  So it’s LOOOONG.  It’s also straight.  I also use henna to color it.


So today, I decided it would be a great day to henna my hair, because I was busy doing housework in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (I live in Canada) and wasn’t planning on leaving the house at all.

Usually after I henna my hair and wash it out, it is one great big matt that takes forever to work through.

Not with this brush.  I mean seriously, It took all of two minutes to detangle my hair with it.  No ripping or shredding.  Sure there were a bit of difficult bits near the ends, (I do brush from the ends up no worries) and even then, no real ouch or ripping of my hair out of my head, or breaking it.  NO SNAPPIES.

So yeah,  That product, actually does work.  It really is amazeballs.