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This kind of shit pisses me off:  Thousands of Women in India accused of Witchcraft

Excuse me for a minute

Alright, I’m done.  Sort of.  See, this kind of shit…this is.  Ugh I have no fucking words.  I need more caffeine or something. Wait no, I don’t.  Women in India already have a hard time as it is with all the rapes and the Eve Teasing and sexual violence, arranged marriages, chattel bullshit…now this?  FUCK just FUCK THEM.

When will the Indian people pull their heads out of their collective asses?  Really?  I’m not Hindu, but I do believe Those Gods/Goddesses do exist even though I do not personally worship Them and I hope Kali-Ma unleashes holy hell on all those bastards who think this is okay.

I hope Shiva in His infinite wisdom, just looks over at a pretty flower and ignores what She’s doing.

I really hope someone more eloquent in their anger can post something more, because right now I just want to go punch a wall or something.  This is just horrific.

So yeah, Witch Hunting is alive and well in parts of the globe.  In parts of Africa, there are the Witch Children.  (Correction:  According to my friend who lives in South Africa, there are witch hunts there as well, his words:  “Happens all the damn time. Some girl gets accused of black.magic and she gets lynched, or necklaced. As in a tyre full of petrol. Um that’s set on fire”)  (Note:  not all of Africa, because I know damn well Africa isn’t a country, but a rather huge continent filled with different countries, cultures and peoples) young kids, attacked, abused, burned and ostracized because some crazy ass missionary preacher says they’re witches.  This is mostly in Nigeria and Northern African areas, but there are isolated incidents in the equatorial regions and Sub-Saharan as well.  I  There’s the first video of 5, feel free to watch the rest by following the links in the video.

Seriously, how the FUCK is that acceptable?  I’m Pagan.  I live in a country that guarantees my human rights and freedoms regardless of religion, sexuality, gender, or creed.  I’m LUCKY I live in Canada.  This sort of oppression and superstitious bullshit is all over the world.  Yes, even down in the USA.

Here is one Pagan’s story of being outed in the “Bible Belt”  One story out of probably many out there.

So before I get accused of being anti-Christian, let me tell you this.  After the Roman Empire, when have pagans burned Christians alive?  When have Pagans outright drowned Christians to see if they were secretly Pagan?  When have we persecuted, and destroyed people of other faiths just because they didn’t think the same as us?  Please someone tell me because I can’t find a damn incident of it in the history books.  I don’t think Christ would approve of any of this bullshit to be honest, and I bet He facepalms and is like “Bro, I’m SO not with those people…” ever since religion in His name was started up.

The Old Ways are still valid.  The Gods of yore, before the Abrahamic religions swept up the world by storm, are still alive, we keep them alive.   Old Gods of Africa, the Middle East, Egypt, Europe, North America…They all live despite Christianity’s attempt to slaughter them along with their followers.



Loki, on Himself and His role in Ragnarok

Ok, according to the Jorvik Viking Center in the UK, today is supposed to be Ragnarok.  I guess they deciphered some ancient runic texts, or something or another.  Well, looks like they were wrong, and just wanted to drum up some publicity for their place, eh?

This morning, upon waking, I told Loki, “So Dude, today’s supposed to be Ragnarok”

Loki: 0_o (confusedface) “Really? Someone forgot to tell Me this. I hope nobody is very disappointed, we will have to postpone, to the umm proper date?” Then I hear a bit of a shuffle.  “Nope, still in the cave.”  *I smell rot* “Still bound in the guts of my son.” *feel burning* “Snake’s still dripping acid and Sigyn is still holding the bowl.  Nothing changing here.”  

Me: “Guess Hella needs to break a few more nails?”

Loki: “More than just a ‘few'”  Then He got all offended because:

“Come on, I’m on the planning committee, it’s My party, I know when it’s gonna happen.  Sheesh.  It’s not like it’s a SURPRISE LOKI! You’re free! Let’s go fuck shit up.  Nope, I know when I’m supposed to go fuck shit up, and it’s not yet.”

So the tl;dr:  This is just a publicity stunt for a museum in the UK.  Keep Calm, and Carry On.

There we go it’s live!

Well my first ever novel is now live.  It’s, yes about Loki, He is my muse after all.  I’m working on the second one now as well since it is a series.

Anyway, support Pagan Lit!  It might not be the *Best* novel ever written but it’s mine, and it’s nifty.  So yeah, instead of going out on Black Friday, curl up with a good book.  hopefully my book. hah. Yeah I’m trying to sell it.


So, I wrote a novel, and had the guts to publish it.

So, the above link is to my Kindle version of my novel, Wild Hunt.  I anglicized my name because it’s easier on the search engines, and the people who are typing into the search engines.  

It’s about Loki (yeah I see your not surprised face) and his shenanigans in love and whatnot.  So it’s a paranormal romance.  There’s smut in it, but I don’t know if it counts as cheesecake.  I’m just writing what He puts into my head.  I’m working on part 2 now.  Would make a great Showtime/HBO series when I’m done, maybe.  Meh high hopes.

Anyway, the hard copy will be available tomorrow.  I’m kinda stoked about this.  Please be nice, it’s my first ever novel and all my beta readers mysteriously (Looks at Loki) had other things that popped up in their lives.  So this is an exercise in trusting myself, and Him.  I’m notorious for NOT trusting myself…or my abilities.  I second guess myself to the point of not doing a damn thing, not joking.  

So, buy it, boost signal or whatever.  I’m just getting it out there. 

24hr Game A Thon to benefit kids!

Hi, I’m gonna be playing Star Trek Online for 24hrs straight to raise money on behalf of the IWK Grace Childrens Hospital in Halifax NS.  My local Sick Kids Hospital.

This is my second year running this.  All proceeds donated will go directly to the IWK Hospital.  I don’t see a dime.  I’m gonna plunk my butt in front of my computer for 24hrs, load up on junk food and Monster Energy drinks, and play..for 24hrs.  For charity.

So please support this worthy cause.  Thanks!  There’s the link to the facebook event btw.  The link to donate is there too.

Please Vote for Floofers!

Floofers is one of my guinea pigs.  I entered her in the “Cutest Pet” contest at my local pet food store.  Pretty much how you vote is, you click the link, “Like” the page, Type “VOTE” in the comment box on Floofer’s picture, and if you want you can “unlike” the page once you’re done, if you want to keep liking it that’s cool too.

Floofers is a rescue Piggy.  I got her from a family down in Yarmouth who couldn’t take care of her properly due to allergies, so when I got her she was all matted up, and I had to take her to a groomers to get her all unknotted and stuff.  She’s a happy little girl and gets along well with her cagemate, Chuzzle.  

She likes Carrots and long snuggles on the couch.  She’s so well mannered that she will tell you when she needs to go to the bathroom so you can set her on an appropriate bathroom spot. 

So please spare a vote? That’d be great. ❤